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Actor Scoop ~ Interview with Paloma Pilar

I’ve had the honor of hosting writer, director, and film producer, Apolonia Davalos in an interview on TBAP! I’ve also had the honor of privately viewing her award-winning short film, Children of War (read the TBAP review here). Today,paloma2 as a guest on TBAP, is Paloma Pilar, the lead actress in Children of War. She is sweet and exciting to get to know! Follow our chat below and learn more about this wonderful woman!

Miranda: Hello Paloma! Glad to have you visit TBAP today. Could you please tell us a bit about yourself?

Paloma: Hi Miranda! Thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of this wonderful platform you’ve built; I am truly honored. I’ll have to admit that I always get a little awkward talking about myself—haha—but the spirit of getting to know each other makes this a little easier!

I am a multifaceted young woman who lives and works in NYC as an actress, singer, dancer, fitness professional and, skincare enthusiast! I was born in Fairbanks, Alaska, to the most loving mother you will ever meet, who is also the greatest multi-tasker I know, because she was a full time mom of three girls and, a full time Commissioned Officer in the US Air Force (never falling short in either roles ;-)). I was raised a “military brat”—very cliché—so we traveled a lot. For that, I, therefore, know all of the states’ slogans by heart. Ha! I’m also a NYC 2012 tri-athlete, I ride motorcycles, I’m obsessed with puppies (and I do I mean obsessed), dabble in gymnastics, do math in my free time and, I LOVE love!

Miranda: Are you a Christian? If so, when did you first discover God and come to Him personally?

Paloma: I was born and raised Roman Catholic, and I live out my faith. My mother taught me from a young age, the value of having a faith walk and a personal one-on-one relationship with God! My beliefs and my faith are the sole reasons for all of the love in my heart.

Miranda: When did you discover your talent for acting, and more importantly, when did you decide to use it for Christian acting or do you work in the secular industry as well?

Paloma: I have always had a passion for the arts. I remember going to my older sisters’ middle and high school productions, and getting lost in the magic of what I was seeing on stage. Equally, I remember watching my mom perform in Passion plays at our chapel, and loving how she fully immersed herself in the telling of each story. Memories like these remind me of how I have always been exposed to the arts—both secular and Christian—so I do not limit myself to one or the other. If I believe in a story, I will do everything I can to make it real, and live it truthfully on screen or on stage!

Miranda: Could you tell us the story of your journey into film? How did it all begin?

Paloma: My journey into film began relatively recently, as I have been predominantly pursuing art in the theatre the past few years. In 2014, I joined a new acting school called Playhouse West Brooklyn Lab, under Jim Parrack and Andrea Dantas.  There, I met other actors well versed in the art of film, and together, we combined our talents with our passion for learning, and began making short films! My excitement for film is growing every day.

Miranda: How has becoming an actress grown you spiritually? What lessons have you picked up along the way?

Paloma: Hmm, that’s a great question. I think that my time training and working as an actress has required me to look deeper into myself as a person. It is a process of self-discovery and, I spent a lot of time in prayer to reach beyond the surface of myself. It’s been quite a journey, but more and more, I am developing my voice and my point of view of the world, my craft, and my beliefs! I don’t think I’ll ever want to stop learning!

Miranda: In your experience, what misconceptions do people have about the world of entertainment, especially in regards to a career that can lead to fame?

Paloma: I believe that a huge misconception people have about acting as a career path is that, it is not a noble profession. Another is that, because it lacks “job security,” it is unworthy of pursuit for practical reasons. However, to me, that is fear masked as “practicality.” In my opinion, fame does not define success. I have seen the work of some of the finest actors of this generation whose names are not widely known and, that in no way makes them unsuccessful. Success isn’t being an A-list celebrity. It is working your craft passionately every day, and never letting fear stop you from ever attempting to live your dream.

Miranda: In your opinion, as an actress (and as a Christian if you’re one), what principles do you believe help sustain a person in a career like acting? What principles sustain the career itself?

Paloma: It takes work and dedication to sustain everything. Growing up, my mom taught me that working smart is better than working hard (not to be confused or dismissive with strenuous work), and that you are NEVER too busy to do what you want to do. In a career like acting, I think it is absolutely necessary to hone your craft and, build a strong foundation and approach. Probably, the greatest decision I ever made for my career was, studying at Playhouse West Brooklyn Lab, where I developed my foundation and approach. One valuable lesson from my teachers was that, “you cannot act what you do not know.” To have a long healthy career, you need to get smart! Haha! Gain as much knowledge as possible and, develop standard for yourself. Read as much as you can—books, plays etc.—study the greats, study LIFE, and, strengthen your ability to expand your imagination.

Miranda: What other actors/actresses have you worked with in the past? What has the experience been like, and, what lessons have you gained from working with them?—any interesting story in particular?

Paloma: I have been blessed to work with a lot of people in this industry. I just spent two years with a group of people who have become my artistic family! I completed my program back in June, and was able to stand beside eleven of the most passionate individuals I’ve ever met. We had a lot of highs and lows together, but we all stuck it out because we believe in the contribution we can make to this art form, and, we have no plans of shortcutting our way through.

Miranda: What producers/directors have you worked with? What wisdom did you gain from them that has helped your career?

Paloma: One of the greatest producers/directors I have ever worked with is Apolonia Davalos. She is devoted to her art, and aims for truth in her work. There is a difference between a director who wants to make a pretty picture, and a director who wants to portray real life! She is the goods.

Miranda: How would you describe your experience on the Children of War set, and how has the role you played in the movie inspired you personally?

Paloma: My experience on set was so beautiful. Again, Apolonia created such a warm environment where the cast and crew could work together to make it all happen. We shot everything in less than 24 hours, so we needed to work together! Playing the character, Saint, was a gift; when I read the script for the first time, I could not wait to get to work!

Miranda: What do you hope to impart when viewers watch you on screen?

Paloma: Truth!

Miranda: What are you most grateful for—generally/presently?

Paloma: I am most grateful for my faith and my family. My faith is my life. Because of it, I love unconditionally, and so, fully. My mother, my two sisters, and my fiancé are the reasons why I smile. The love I share with all of them is divine, and I am so thankful that God gave us each other.

Miranda: Are you involved in any film project right now? If you are, what’s it about, and, when can we expect it?

Paloma: Right now, I am in the development stage of a few projects, both for film and theater. I am actually writing a screenplay that has been on my heart for the past year. It is in the very early stages but, I will be sure and update you and your readers as it comes to fruition! 😀

Miranda: What word of wisdom would you offer an actor/actress who’s just beginning?

Paloma: Have faith, don’t give up, and take care of yourself: mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Miranda: Is there any word—anything at all—you’d like to say that wasn’t covered by the above questions?

Paloma: Haha! Your questions were so beautifully well-rounded that I think we touched on everything!


Coffee or tea? Coffee!

Vanilla or Chocolate? Chocolate, no question!

Salad or Fruit? Depends on the time of day, but I’m a sucker for vegetables!

Blue or Green? Green

Walk or Run? Swim!

Gym or Outdoor? Both

Boots or Sandals? Boots

Heels or Flats? Heels!

Thank you, Paloma, for stopping by today!

paloma2About Paloma Pilar

Paloma Pilar is a NYC stage and film actress, and a recent graduate of the Playhouse West Brooklyn Lab, two-year acting program. Film credits include: Melody (Clever Girl Productions), Children of War (APOLONIAD Productions), and There Is Always Hope (official selection of the Playhouse West Philly Film Festival, 2015). Favorite stage credits include: The Fierce Urgency of Now (SOAR Productions), Waiting for Lefty (directed by Jim Parrack {HBO’s True Blood}), and, Normalcy Has Been Restored (Safe Mode Productions). She is also an acclaimed singer as an independent R&B Artist with singles, I Found You, You Could Be, and, Love Reprise. Paloma is also known for her passion for modern ballet and hip hop dance, and has been a featured dancer for many concerts and other live performances. For fun, she is a proud NYC Tri-Athlete, 2012 Finisher and, a motorcycle enthusiast!