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Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants


Life will throw you curve balls. There’s no getting around that.

But what keeps one afloat?

For me, one of the things that does this—aside from praying and constantly looking up to Jesus—is learning from my heroes. It takes humility to do so, and it’s not always easy, because, part of the process is admitting where you’ve been painfully foolish. The next step is seeking God’s forgiveness and help, which may materialize in the form of wise advice from family, a friend or mentor.

Doing this has not only deepened my appreciation for people and community, but it has taught me to have immense respect for those who’ve gone before me—those who’ve been through similar situations as I have or worse, but have victoriously come out on the brighter side. I’ve learned that I no longer have to figure everything out on my own. God is with me, and so are the awesome people that He’s provided in my life—my heroes!

Whether it’s a conversation with a family member or friend, or advice from a person you’ve come to respect and admire, receiving these beautiful gifts of wisdom from them is like standing on the shoulders of giants. It makes your journey easier, and sometimes even, shorter. You avoid mistakes that otherwise on your own, would have been inevitable, and you gain sound wisdom that alone, you may have learned painfully. This gift—is what it means to stand on the shoulders of giants.

miranda-a-uyeh-6About this Contributor

Miranda A. Uyeh is the founder and editor of To Be A Person (TBAP), the author of Christian Romance/Suspense fiction, To Die Once: Child of Grace #1, a Mogul Global Ambassador, and a copywriter. She was a one-time shortlisted judge for the Inspy Awards, in 2014, in the Contemporary Romance & Romance/Suspense Category. In 2016, Miranda was honored to be one of 500 book reviewers across the world invited to help launch Tim Tebow’s book, Shaken.

When Miranda isn’t reviewing books & entertainment or hosting interviews on TBAP, she’s writing, reading for fun or relaxing with a good movie! When she gets bored with the world, she talks to God about it! Miranda is presently writing the second book in the Child of Grace series, To Lie Once.