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Book Review ~ Caitlyn’s Christmas Wish by Laura L. Walker

caitlyns-christmas-wishAbout the Book

Just when former model and single mother Caitlyn Drevier Reel has finally put her life on track after a divorce and six-month stint in rehab, she is surprised to receive an invitation from her ex-in-laws to spend Christmas with the family. After all, she reasons, her ex-husband Grant is constantly on the road with his band and it’s only fair to allow them to get to know her young son, Brody. What Caitlyn isn’t prepared for, however, is the spark of attraction she feels toward Ridge, Grant’s older brother, or the sense of belonging to their wonderful family once again. Ridge, who is recovering from his own personal heartache, seems to feel the same about her. As they work together to ensure the success of the Winter Festival his parents have organized for their small Wyoming town, Caitlyn begins to envision a bright future. But will Grant’s unexpected arrival keep her Christmas wish from coming true? This inspirational novella will have you grabbing a cup of hot cocoa as you get in the holiday mood.




Contemporary Romance


3 Stars


This love story is set in the fictional town of Danzy in Wisconsin. There’s a simplicity to the writing and the plot which is endearing, and so therefore provides a story that is engaging enough to follow. The theme—forgiveness and healing—is neatly and sweetly laid out, interlaced with the love story so that a reader is pulled in to root for the hero and heroine.

There is, however, the issue of character inconsistency and a few chinks in the story flow. The sequence of events seem to be strung together more for the purpose of conveniently carrying a certain desired plot forward than a story that reflects satisfactory reality. The actions/reactions of the characters in certain circumstances appear conflicting especially when the personality of the character in question is screened through previous events so that their actions don’t match the previously portrayed personality. This not only upsets the story flow, but it makes the characters/plot appear less genuine. In my opinion, the characters could do with more development (except for Ridge). Perhaps, the character development may have been better handled in the space that a novel provides rather than in a novella?

Overall, Caitlyn’s Christmas Wish had a storyline that was engaging enough to follow but needed better character development and smoother story flow.

Though I offer this review to the public, it is my opinion and simply that. A ‘thank you’ to the author, Laura L. Walker, for a free copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

laura-l-walkerAbout the Author

Laura L. Walker grew up in a large family in the beautiful Gila Valley of southern Arizona. From the time Laura was young, she spent hours drawing characters on paper and fantasizing about their adventures. Life became more serious, however, when Laura met her own hero and they eventually became the parents of six children. In between spurts of grocery shopping, sewing costumes or quilts, transporting kids to practices, and making dinner, Laura still enjoys putting her imagination to good use. She is the author of two contemporary romances. Visit her  on her website for updates and more.