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Actor Scoop! ~ Interview with Trish Basinger

trish-basingerOnce again, I’m happy to welcome another cast member of the movie, Losing Breen, a film by Culdee Studios and directed by Doc Benson! Today, we welcome Trish Basinger, the actress cast as Breen. Join us below as we chat!

Miranda ~ Hello Trish! Wonderful to have you visit TBAP today.  Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Trish: Sure. I grew up in a small town, New Buffalo, Michigan. That’s where I met my husband…in high school.  We were high school sweethearts.

Miranda ~ How did you become a Christian? Tell us your story.

Trish: My husband grew up in a catholic family and, when we “going steady,” I would go to church with him and his family every Sunday. When we got engaged, I became a catholic.

Miranda ~ You’re into acting.  How did it all begin?  Why do you act?

Trish: I’ve always wanted to get into acting.  When I got into high school, they cut the drama class so…then I met my husband.  We graduated high school, started a family, and I guess I pushed it to the back of my mind. “I” wasn’t my priority anymore. Then in 2013, I saw an open casting call in my town and I thought, why not?  Three calls back later, I got a speaking role and I haven’t stopped since.

Why do I act?  I don’t know. I guess I just love bringing different characters to life—to be able to show their different personalities and views through their eyes.

Miranda ~ What  led  you  to  decide  to  go  into  the  Christian  movie  industry  as  opposed  to  the  secular?

Trish: If the script is great and the cast/crew involved are too, I’m not opposed to acting in a secular movie.

Miranda ~  How  would  you  describe  your  experience  on  the  set  of  Losing  Breen?  How has it made you a better actor/person?

Trish: I had an awesome time on set.  Everyone was just great to work with.  Spending two weeks together with strangers turned into saying goodbyes to “new family.”

Miranda ~  The  role  you  played  in  Losing  Breen,  how  did  it  inspire  you  personally?

Trish: I was originally cast in a lesser role.  Then they did some recasting and I was cast as one of the leads, Breen.  I was ecstatic!  My grandmother had Alzheimer’s when I was a teenager and came to live with us.  So when I saw the casting call for Losing Breen, I was so excited. And, when I read the script I knew that this was going to be something special…and then I got cast as Breen.  I was beyond excited.

Miranda ~  What  do  you  hope  viewers  of  this  movie  will  walk  away  with?

Trish: That it’s not just the person who has the disease that is affected.  Alzheimer’s impacts the whole family.

Miranda ~  What  are  you  most  grateful  for  in  your  life—generally  and  right  now?

Trish: Family.

Miranda ~  In  what  ways  do  you  hope  to  inspire  people,  now  and  in  the  future?

Trish: That it’s never too late to do or try something that you love.

Miranda ~ Aside from acting, what else are you passionate about?  Are you committed to any cause in particular?

Trish: I am an active member of Mid America Filmmakers, and I’m also their newly elected secretary for 2017.  I love to go camping and riding my four-wheeler.

Miranda ~ Who  are  the  people  that  have  inspired  you  the  most?

Trish: No one person in particular.

Miranda ~ How do you balance family, friends, and  career  successfully?

Trish: My husband and I own a corporation, so I can pretty much schedule when I need off and, the kids are not kids anymore.  We have three children—two daughters and a son.  My daughters are both married. I have two grandchildren, too.

Miranda ~ As  an  actor,  what  advice  would  you  give  to  anyone  venturing  into  the  industry?

Trish: Network.  Network.  Network.

THIS or THAT (The fun Questions!)

Coffee, Tea or Mocha?  Iced Coffee

TV or Magazine?  Neither. iPad…networking!

Book or Music?  Music

Gym or Outdoor? Gym at 6 a.m., then outdoor.

Rain or Snow? Rain

Spring or Fall? Fall

Summer or Winter? Summer

Breakfast or Dinner? Breakfast

 Boots or Heels? Boots in winter. Heels for events.

Sandals or Flats? Sandals

Dress or Pants? Pants

Thank you, Trish, for visiting TBAP today!

trish-basingerAbout Trish Basinger

TRISH BASINGER, began her career later in life, starting in 2012 with a role in the feature film, The Looking Glass, directed by Academy Award-Nominated director, John D. Hancock, as the ER nurse, Gracie. Since then she has continued to build her resume and has been cast in a wide variety of roles in film and television.