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Have A Successful New Year!


“Have a successful new year.” We’ve all heard and said this prayerful blessing for a profitable and purposeful new year. And we try diligently to make it come true. We resolve to break old habits or establish new ones. We strive for a sense of accomplishment and pride. To add a few more numbers to our bank accounts and a few more contacts to our friends list. To enter into this time next year somehow better—better looking, better equipped, better at life. The new year holds a special kind of hope—that if we just want it bad enough, we will find what it takes to work it out, and make it happen.

But how does one measure success?

What exactly are the parameters? Is it based only on what can be seen and held? I don’t think so. Here are other, less tangible ways, to determine if our year has indeed been a success. More often than not, we get out of bed every morning. Most days we may even make said bed. We allow ourselves to face whatever that day may hold. The minute our feet hit the floor we’ve made the choice to be present in our lives. That’s success.  And, if we remember the night before to set the coffee pot to brew, bonus success. We may find our job uninspiring, mundane or stressful. It may take every ounce of will we have to turn that car key. But we do it, and go ahead to open the garage door. That’s success. That project we’re working on—you know, the one we’ve worked, struggled, jostled, and reworked until we’ve cried and bled—just got pulled and wasn’t allowed for in the budget, but died on the table. Nonetheless, we saw it through to the end. We endured, tried our best, and learned exactly what doesn’t work. Believe it or not, that’s success. When we are overwhelmed at the vastness of our own dreams, and scared and unsure how to make them come true, and just about ready to throw in the towel and move on to plan B, but give it one more day, that’s success.

Success is measured by our own attitude. It is the ability to look at a sink full of dirty dishes, but instead, see family dinners and daily provision. It is looking at disappointments as stepping stones and character builders. It is being able to stand in the face of adversity and say, “I’m not backing down.”  These are the daily choices we make to claim our own lives for good. To identify successful moments that make up successful days and years that build successful lives. No matter our situation, it’s our perspective that’s the key. So have a successful year, starting today.


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Entering just her third year in the film industry, Juli Tapken has logged more than 20 IMDb credits with major roles in feature films like faith-based projects Providence, Mission ImprobableThe Reins Maker, and many more. Juli is also showing up big in television with upcoming shows like 12 Masks and Think. Create. Repeat, plus multiple commercials in various markets. She began singing and acting very early as a child in Oklahoma, building to lead-roles in musical theater classics like Oklahoma, Gypsy, and The Diary of Anne Frank, which led to a professional career in Branson, Missouri, where she performed in Two From Galilee, and a long run on the musical comedy, Smoke on the Mountain. Juli Tapken is dedicated and driven to bringing her characters to life in an honest and relatable way, while being a strong asset on set. Juli also has great range, performing many different role-types, and is actively seeking even greater challenges! Visit Juli on this website, view her IMDb profile, and connect with her on twitter and her facebook page!

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