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An Amazing Way To Read An Inspirational Non-fiction Book

The tendency of most avid readers is to read and finish a book in 48 hours or less.

 But what if you lack the time to spend the best of two days focusing on a book? What if you’re a professional reader with a TBR so tall, you’re sure that the days of seeing the bottom of that pile are long gone but you crave reading a book for your personal enjoyment and not because you’ve been requested to?  Also, do you find yourself in a category altogether different from the above?—you love your morning devotions, and, in fact, wake very early to spend an hour praying and studying God’s word; this time spent is not just devotion time anymore. It’s your quiet time, but unfortunately, you’re at that place where you’re not getting any “meat” from the devotionals you’ve used in the past. Or perhaps you’re one who simply prefers to gain the full benefits of a non-fiction read by savoring it in little bits?

Are you any of the above?

Here’s an idea: why not turn that inspirational non-fiction book into a devotional guide? After your morning prayers and Bible study, you can read a section or chapter of the book—a portion that you can digest and meditate on throughout the day. I have found that books with powerful messages are best read this way. There’s nothing like beginning the day with a mind sharpened by prayer, scriptural study, as well as a healthy dose of inspirational message from authors whose words bless you!

About the Editor

Miranda A. Uyeh is the founder and editor of To Be A Person (TBAP), the author of Christian Romance/Suspense fiction, To Die Once: Child of Grace #1, a Mogul Global Ambassador, and a copywriter. She was a one-time shortlisted judge for the Inspy Awards, in 2014, in the Contemporary Romance & Romance/Suspense Category. In 2016, Miranda was honored to be one of 500 book reviewers across the world invited to help launch Tim Tebow’s book, Shaken.

When Miranda isn’t reviewing books/entertainment or hosting interviews on TBAP, she’s writing, reading for fun or relaxing with a good movie! When she gets bored with the world, she talks to God about it! To learn more about her book, To Die Once, and her journey as an author, you can follow her author website. You can also connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+.

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