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Album Review ~ The Case For Christ By Various Artists: Songs Inspired By The Original Motion Picture






Release Date

April 7, 2017


4.5 Stars


The Case For Christ album, inspired by the original motion picture of the same title, opens with the theme song sung by JT Murrell. Attention to the overall lyrics show a careful consideration of each song clearly chosen to pass across the message that God is real, and He hasn’t stopped convicting people and revealing Himself to them. The entire collection tells a story that begins with the unbelief of a person who nonetheless searches for answers, and then is kissed by the truth; eventually, there’s the dawning of knowledge and understanding, the shedding away of denial, and, finally, a beautiful surrender to the truth which leads to a profound belief in God–it’s such a beautiful story to piece together and listen to in music! If the movie is half as deep and passionate as the album portrays, then it’s looking to be a good one.

The Case For Christ album is a firm reminder of God’s deep love for man, His greatness, His extravagant grace, and His tremendous zeal to save man.