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Album Review ~ Tumultu By Mogli The Iceburg





Release Date

April 14, 2017


4 Stars


Raw. Honest. Bold…but in a manner that is not impolite. In this courageous attempt to preach a message of love, acceptance, and unity by speaking against hatred, racism, and division, Mogli the Iceburg goes ahead to lay out the reality of the world we live in today, raising questions in the lyrics that would cause any listener to pause and consider his words. He does more than give reverence to God—he steps into socio-cultural issues that Christianity can no longer ignore.

Tumultu is a clarion call to God’s children to stand unafraid and embrace the truth of God’s love, encouraging them to stand with those who cannot stand alone or stand for themselves. A few songs step out of the norm—of what seems to be the album’s main theme—adding positive variety to the mix.

The music/rhythm provoke head-nodding without taking the listener’s focus from the message in the lyrics so that it compliments rather than distract, making Tumultu an altogether well-rounded production.