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Movie Review ~ Heaven, How I Got Here: A Night With The Thief On The Cross By LightBEA Media

Based on the story of the crucifixion of Jesus found in Luke 23, this poignant account of redemption and grace weaves together the biblical events of the crucifixion and imagines the details of the life of the thief. He recounts the events of that day as he experienced them then, and as he looks back later from the perspective of his new life in heaven. Learn more about this movie on the Christian Cinema page.




Stage Play/Drama


4.5 Stars


Deeply moving and engaging, and narrated with the simplest of words, A Night With The Thief On The Cross is a poignant display of one thief’s journey from a place of crime and punishment to one of grace and redemption through a gruesome but life-changing encounter with Jesus on the cross. This account of the thief’s journey (performed by Stephen Baldwin on stage) also reveals the thief’s backstory—how he got into a life of crime that led him to the cross. His story puts into perspective the aim of Jesus’ coming and the fact that Jesus remained undeterred in His mission despite the happenings around Him.

A Night With The Thief On The Cross unveils the loving power of God which remains at work in the hearts of men—even in the subtlest of ways. This story answers some questions, clarifying some unknowns in a unique way, and then calls attention to the truth that no person gets saved by anything that they do, but rather, by what Jesus accomplished through the cross.

A truly remarkable retelling of the thief’s story that is well suited for the coming Easter season!