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Book Review ~ Missionaries, Mercenaries & Murder by Suzanne Pearson

About the Book

Alex Carpenter’s life is shattered when his friend and partner is gunned down. With his confidence shaken, he turns in his badge and gun and accepts an offer to build a church in the Congo, hoping for time alone to heal.

Molly Quinn is on a mission to save souls and heal bodies. Nothing is too difficult for her to handle until a police officer from Kikwit demands she come to his city to identify a body that turns out to be her friend and a fellow American.

Alex realizes her friend was murdered, and Molly begs him to help her find the killer. Drawn into a bloody web of intrigue and deception, Alex and Molly must work together to stay alive and one step ahead of a murderer.

Can she convince Alex to put his trust and their lives in God’s hands?







2 Stars


Missionaries, Mercenaries & Murder started off engaging, putting me in a place where I wanted to learn more about the hero, Alex Carpenter. As the story progressed, some scenes appeared shabbily put together, more to follow the author’s whim than done with proper planning. Some events, or the seeming reasons behind them, seemed implausible or ambiguous, and in some cases, overly dramatic without reasonable cause. The scenes rolled after each other from a place of unrealistic convenience. There was generally poor transition between sub-scenes. Events happened without much leading to them, making some of the scenes confusing.

Most of the characters were grossly underdeveloped, but rather displayed much sarcasm and a tendency for comic quips. This form of characterization, in the end, marked almost every character across the story, making almost none (even the main characters) stand out.

Though, categorized as Christian fiction, there didn’t seem to be any particular theme that marked the story. It was rather, a story with Christian characters in it, with a hero, who for no distinct reason, decided to become a Christian, too, just so it would be convenient/acceptable to end up with the heroine.

Overall, this wasn’t the best of books. The writing is sharp and quite impressive, description and setting, remarkable. But the story and its structural quality aren’t.

*Though I offer this review to the public, it is my opinion and simply that. A ‘thank you’ to the author, Suzanne Pearson, for a free copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

About the Author

I was born in the small village of Vanga on the Kwilu River in the country of Congo. After graduating from high school I came to the states and settled for a time in Eugene, OR. I have been blessed with a wide range of crazy jobs – legal secretary for a small Jewish law firm, admin secretary for the entertainment division of a bank in Beverly Hills where I met Cary Grant. Yikes! Never one to turn down a challenge, I started writing several years ago and ended up with the beginnings of a new career.