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Album Review ~ Projections by Landry Cantrell





Release Date

June 16, 2017


4.5 Stars


Projections opens with the passionate song, Before You. The heart and spirit behind this song is simply beautiful. The lyrics resonate on a deep level and sink to the depth’s of a listener’s soul—like the soul is laid bare before God (which the song emphasizes anyway!). Cantrell’s voice is amazing as well as soothing, and combined with his music, it’s stunningly electric! The music is as entertaining as it is spiritually enlightening and uplifting.

Look out for the songs Feedback, Indian Summer, and Deeper Lover! Clearly, they are deeply and inspirationally written, and passionately sung!

About Landry Cantrell

Growing up around his dad’s recording studio and singing in church from a young age, music has always been woven into Landry Cantrell’s life.

As a teenager, he became serious about his music, writing and recording at a prolific pace. Landry has recorded and released five albums, composed and produced a full-length musical, and earned a Master’s Certificate in Music Technology and Production from Berklee College of Music.

He teamed up with producer Sean Hill to create and independently release a self-titled album in 2014. Landry is currently wrapping up work on his latest record, produced by Hill, for his Dream Records debut.

“There’s a line in a song I wrote that says, ‘I’ve been chasing stars, following my heart, but I can’t find You,’ Landry says. “Sometimes, it’s really hard to not allow your own desires to cloud your judgment, and drown out God’s voice in your life.

“It’s easy to get caught up in wanting to be successful, or our skewed version of what we view success to be. To God, success is something completely different. Once you get a glimpse of that perspective, you’re reminded why you’re doing what you’re doing.

“When people relate to the songs I’ve written, well, first of all, it blows my mind, because I write these songs from my heart and life. But when I see others finding comfort in what I’ve written, it’s really special for me. That’s a humbling and incredible thing to experience.”

While Landry calls his music a ministry, he also points out his music isn’t preachy.

“I like to write with metaphors,” he says. “In the same way Jesus taught in Parables, instead of outright saying something, I like to paint a picture.

“I want my music to provide a little beacon of hope for this world.”

“I have been blessed to come in contact with many amazing artists and songwriters over my relatively short career in music thus far, and I can truly say Landry Cantrell is easily among the top, although the world may not know him by name just yet, I am confident that they will very soon. This guy impressed me from Day One with his clear vision, superb talent, genuine heart, and uplifting attitude. I walked into the production on his project thinking that I would be pulling the best out of him that I could, like most artists, but at some point along the way I realized he was pulling the best out of me. I’m honored that I get to be a small part of Landry Cantrell’s journey.” – Sean Hill

Play Landry Cantrell’s Before Me