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A Deeper Look Into Landry Cantrell’s ‘Before You.’

This is a heartrending, and at the same time, a hope-filled song. Before You describes a dark place that existed before the coming of the light of Jesus that saves and restores. A deeper look into this song reveals a story of hope dashed time and again until fear and despair took root and dug deep to depths that seemed impossible to come back from. This song is a confession in its purest form—the kind that is only possible after the healing of Jesus has finished its work.

Are you someone who’s lost hope in your dreams being realized?

Have you lost hope in people and relationships of any kind?

Have you sunk into such despair that you believe you’re past saving and reviving—and you can’t find your way back?

Are you finished with love and loving people?

This song is for you.

Before you shut the door on hope for good (no pun intended), say a prayer for understanding and listen to Cantrell’s testimony in this song. First, you’ll discover that you’re not alone; your situation is not unique to you as you might believe. Yes, it may take more than a song to get you to fully believe again, but, it’s a start, a message that restoration is quite real and possible in Jesus. You may feel bitterness and anger toward a particular person or even toward God for the place you’re in right now; but for the part of you that wants to feel hope again, why not give God a [second] try? This time, though, pay attention to what He is telling you; your healing depends on it. It could be that you’ve been trying to impose your wants and desires on God, and since He hasn’t fulfilled them in the manner that you preferred, you’ve become upset and are losing hope in His Word and His promises. Why not learn His heart? He is God. Don’t you know that it is when you truly delight yourself in the Lord that He will grant you your heart’s desires (Psalm 37:4)? Have you bothered to discover Him as a person like you would anyone else that you meet? Put aside everything you think you know about Him or have been told about Him, and get to know Him and His ways for yourself, and through His Word—it’s the primary and proper way to do so. As one speaking from experience, I can tell you this: eventually, you’ll be blown away by God’s goodness, faithfulness, and awesomeness. You’ll soon learn that God truly is love and that He longs to bless you and satisfy you!

Play Landry Cantrell’s ‘Before You’

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