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Album Review ~ God Will Reign by The Rock Worship




Contemporary Worship

Release Date

July 7, 2017.


4.5 Stars


In its second release, The Rock Worship opens the God Will Reign album with the wonderful, glory-filled, and joyful Unstoppable, a song that aptly describes the true nature of God’s church as unstoppable and unshakable—even today. Instrumentation is powerful and excellent, but never overshadowing the singing, so that altogether melody and voices make a well-rounded worship unto God. The lyrics are a prayer, confession, teaching, and reminder—encouraging, comforting, spirit-lifting, and powerfully worshipful. The Rock Worship most definitely did not hold back in God Will Reign. In need of music to set you in a surrender and praise mode, God Will Reign will do just fine!

About The Rock Worship

It was the year 2000 when The Rock launched in Anaheim, California with a vision and passion to reach and disciple Orange County for Jesus. What started in one small room is now a church with 13 congregations on 9 campuses in 4 languages; and with a discipleship program that reaches over 160 U.S. churches and is in many countries around the world. Throughout the years many singers, musicians, writers, artists and technicians have been divinely gathered together to collaborate and bring something beautiful in worship to God.  This group that we call The Rock Worship has compiled 10 original songs for their sophomore album released on Dream Worship entitled God Will Reign.  Our prayer is that these songs would fill many homes, cars, parks, jogging trails, hospital rooms, houses of worship, mountains high and valleys low with the sweet presence of Jesus.

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