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Album Review ~ Forever We Sing By Andy Garcia




Urban Country/Pop/Rock

Release Date

July 14, 2017.


4 Stars


Andy Garcia sings with a passion that rings true on a level relatable to any Jesus-loving person! There’s a softness to the music which, of course, doesn’t take away from this passion heard in Garcia’s voice, and, clearly, comes from a heart devotedly surrendered to God—Forever We Sing (the song by which the album is titled) portrays this so clearly, it’s [nearly] contagious.

The hymn-turned worship/pop song, All Hail, is presented with such class and freshness that depicts an eminence that is tremendously impressive, whether in its musical quality or lyrical strength.

Forever We Sing album is sung with a heart to lead a Christian into a place of prayer, meditation, and pondering of God’s awesomeness, faithfulness, and love. For a serenity setting that inspires prayer and worship, Andy Garcia’s Forever We Sing is a fine choice to help create such.


About Andy Garcia

Andy Garcia grew up just outside of Dallas, Texas, in a small town called Oak Cliff.  As a baby, his dad left him and his mom never to return again.  By God’s design, Andy’s uncle took him under his wing as a father to the fatherless.  Here is where Andy gained his heart for music since his uncle traveled with a Gospel band all over the US.  As a young boy and teenager, Andy experienced much sorrow and pain, but a praying mom, a selfless youth pastor, and the Gospel music carried him through this time. His chance came one night when his cousin happened to hear him singing in the car and knew the youth group needed a new worship leader.  Andy, not believing he could sing, and being told he would not succeed in life, decided to take a step and began to sing and play the guitar.  From there, he never stopped singing and playing for God.  He has led worship all over the US, and has mentored many others to do the same.  He loves people like no other and will lead worship for 1 or 1 million.  From worship leading, to events, to training up leaders, his heart is to see people moved and blessed through God-filled music. His vision for this world is just as big as his heart—to see people touched—and his passion will never let him quit.  He speaks the Father’s heart like no other because he has lived it out.  He lives and loves to worship his God.