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Artist Scoop ~ Interview with Abigail Duhon

Abigail Duhon is a rising star that the world should look out for! With a heart to serve God and be His ambassador in this generation (and hopefully, the next), Duhon is unstoppable as she’s hard at work as a music artist, dancer, and actress. With three albums under her belt, the third (self-titled) which was released May 26th (read the TBAP review here and read TBAP’s article on Duhon here), this interesting young woman is even more sold out to God than ever before. Abigail took some time to chat with us on TBAP. Follow our conversation below:

Miranda ~ Hello Abigail! Delighted to have you visit TBAP today. Please tell us a bit about yourself.

Abigail: Hi!! Really excited to be here. 🙂 I am 17 years old, born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, I have been dancing since I could walk, I love love love chocolate and ice-cream and, acting is my favorite thing to do!

Miranda ~ How did you become a Christian? Tell us your story!

Abigail: I was 5 years old when I first gave my life to Christ. I was in church and they had an altar call, so I decided I was going to go up. It was one of the most exciting days of my life. But I really committed my life about a year ago at a Todd White Power and Love Conference/Azusa, the Call crusade in L.A., when God became so real to me in the miracles and healings and prophecies that happened. It was honestly the most joyful and alive moment I’ve ever felt!

Miranda ~ When did music become a part of your life and, what led you to decide to become a professional?

Abigail: I was 6 years old when I wrote my first song. It was during the time my family was moving due to Hurricane Katrina, which destroyed our home. The song talked about how God always provides, and it’s called Beautiful. It’s been kinda amazing the way God has set my life on this path that I wasn’t planning on walking on. It had never been something I had thought about doing; but once I starting writing songs, I realized God was calling me to this industry.

Miranda ~ You’re also as actress. How did you get your first role and, how do you balance your music and acting careers?

Abigail: Yes! My first role was a part in This Is Our Time, which was directed by my first acting coach, Lisa Arnold. She had me audition, and I got one of the roles in the movie. I have amazing people in my life who have helped me balance my music and acting career. If it wasn’t for the support of them and my family, I don’t know how I could do it!

Miranda ~ How do you respond to critics that insist your style of music isn’t traditionally Christian enough?

Abigail: Our generation is desperately needing this encouraging, relevant music and movies. If you think about it, what’s some of the main things that kids have easy access to that could start them down a bad path? Inappropriate pop music, R-rated movies, videos on the Internet or social media, etc. If we didn’t have social media, there wouldn’t be an outlet where kids get ideas and thoughts about themselves as to who they should be, act like, or love.

Miranda ~ After two albums, what new thing would you say you’ve added to your music in this third one?

Abigail: I’ve definitely started to find more of my sound in this third project. I love dancing, and I love music that has that vibe and beat. And with Rebound and Into The Light, they both have a different vibe to them that I love and want to do more of.

Miranda ~ What are the principles that guide your songwriting and choice of lyrics?

Abigail: First and foremost, God. The Bible is always something I link my songs to. Sometimes it’s a movie script, or if I get inspired by a story or a personal experience in my life.

Miranda ~ When do you know you’ve finished a song?

Abigail: Really, I never feel like I finish song, haha! But I guess once it’s been mastered and everyone agrees it’s good to go, my work is done! 🙂

Miranda ~ What do you believe a Christian music artist/actor can add to the world  and, who do you believe you’ve been called to sing to—those in despair, the broken-hearted, lost, Christians in need of encouragement etc.? Why do you believe so?

Abigail: I believe a Christian artist/actor can add hope in the world. Be someone you can look up to, and not read about in the papers or news about what trouble they got into. I believe God has called me to be an ambassador to my generation, to those who feel lost, and depressed, and broken. It’s been spoken into my life, and when I first talked about it, I was in tears. God spoke it out of me, really.

Miranda ~ How do you choose the films you act in? Is there a guiding principle to choosing a story?

Abigail: I usually read the script first, and then I decide if it’s a fit for me. There have been movies I’ve turned down due to its rating, or inappropriate content. I always want to be in something that has meaning and will leave you encouraged.

Miranda ~ What would you like to see change in the Christian music/movie industries?

Abigail: More relevant/pop-like music, and younger artists to empower it. The industry is losing kids to the secular culture, and I feel like if there were more young artists like Lecrae, Hollyn, Britt Nicole, it would be a different story.

Miranda ~ What advice would you offer to a person going into the movie and music industries for the first time?

Abigail: Never give up on yourself. You are unique and gifted perfectly to what God has for you. Being in this industry, you have a lot of people telling you what to look like or who to be. Be the best you that you can be, and enjoy every moment of it. People want an authentic and real person they can relate to, so just be you 🙂


THIS or THAT (The Fun Questions!)

Coffee or Tea? Coffee all the way.

Gym or Outdoor? Outdoors!!

Sandals or Boots? Boots, because I never wear sandals. 🙈

Running or Walking? Walking. I am not a runner.

Juice or Smoothie? Smoothieeeee

Salad or Fruit? Fruit

Movies or Books? Movies

Vanilla or Chocolate? Chocolate!!!!!!

Dress or Pants? Dress 🙂

Summer or Spring? Summaaaaa

Rain or Snow? Snow! (But I really love rain too)

Blazer or Leather Jacket? Leather jacket!


About Abigail Duhon

Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, Abigail discovered her passion for music immediately after Hurricane Katrina destroyed the family home and nearly took every natural possession they owned. At only six years old during the crisis, she awoke to hear a song in her heart and wrote out lyrics as a reflection on their sudden circumstances. The song was titled Beautiful and would become one of her first original songs on her debut album released at the tender age of ten.

A dancer since she was two years old, Abigail quickly incorporated her passion for music with a beat and her Christian lyrics to become one of the youngest teen artists to have a Christian song reach the top 100 Billboard Singles charts in 2014. Her second album, Right Now, combined pop music with EDM and dubstep elements to create an exciting alternative for tweens desiring to listen to a secular sound but with faith based lyrics. She was the recipient of the 2015 “Best Emerging Artist” from the We Love Christian Music awards sponsored by

In 2013, Abigail was selected to become a cast-member of the television show iShine Knect, which averages over one-million viewers each week on TBN Network and other faith based networks around the world.

Her role as Elizabeth in the 2013 film, This Is Our Time launched her film career. Then, in 2014, she was cast in the worldwide record setting Christian film God’s Not Dead as student, Abby Wheaton. Her work as a featured actor in Camp Cool Kids (2017) and Caged No More (January 2016) show extreme diversity in roles. Two others include God’s Not Dead 2 (April 2016) and I’m Not Ashamed (October 2016) the Columbine High School Shooting Story. She continues to add to her resume with other independent films.

She has been touring nationally since 2013 for music, opening for popular artists, Newsboys and For King and Country while participating in The Millennial Tour, a teen artist lineup national tour. Her 50+ concerts have been seen at festivals like Creation Northeast and Northwest, Freedom Festival Jacksonville, Sonshine Festival, ICRS Main Stage, iShine Fall and Winter tours, Ichthus Festival, Amplifyfest, Lifest, and Lifelight Festival South Dakota.

She has worked with Dove award winning and Grammy nominated writers Chuck Butler (Brandon Heath, Royal Tailor), Jamie Moore (TobyMac), Aaron Rice (TobyMac), Ian Eskelin (Francesca Battistelli, Britt Nicole), and Ahmande “Mondo Grimes” (Nicole C. Mullen). She is mentored and vocal coached by former Mouseketeer, Jennifer McGill as well as industry veteran Diane Sheets.