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Book Review ~ Worth Fighting For By Emily Camp

About the Book

Declan Light is certain that since he chose to dedicate his life to God that God will bless him. His plan to marry his high school girlfriend, Miley, and get his Bible college degree are right on track. So it is a surprise to him when things start to look less than ideal. When his confidence in his relationship and God falter on the tails of a tragedy, Declan wonders if there’s anything left worth fighting for.





Christian/Fiction/New Adult


Contemporary/General Fiction


4 Stars


This story takes off a few months from where it left off in Here Comes The Light, Cambrooke Series #1. Declan and Miley are married and discover that they’re going to have a baby sooner than they’d prepared. This leads to a series of events, and a tragedy soon strikes, which tests the strength of their love for each other, and puts each one of them on a path different than they’d originally planned. Miley would have to learn what it means to give up past habits for the greater good, and Declan would have to learn that no matter what happens, God is enough.

An impressive element in the story is Camp’s resolve not to hold back on portraying the reality of the drama and good times of family, married life, pregnancy, and the messiness involved in taking care of a toddler. Some scenes graciously lend you a smile, others cause you to ponder. Altogether, Worth Fighting For is a neatly put together work of prose that is sure to delight…especially if the characters had already found their way into your heart from the stories of the prior books in the series.

*Though I offer this review to the public, it is my opinion and simply that. My appreciation to the author, Emily Camp, for a free copy in exchange for my honest opinion.


About the Author

Emily is the author of the young adult Cambrooke Series. She is currently working toward a degree in business while continuing to write stories. Emily lives in Ohio with her husband, two kids and dog. When she isn’t writing or in class, Emily can be found at one of the three sport events her son competes in.