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Album Review ~ All Creatures by The Rock Music





Release Date

July 28, 2017.


4 Stars


The Rock Music’s All Creatures album opens with the acoustic and acapella-like version of the hymn, Amazing Grace. Of worthy mention about this track is the clear intent to simply present the pure nature of a hymn that celebrates God’s goodness in the form of His grace without letting too much music and instrumentation get in the way. A similar simplicity is noted throughout the album, even giving off an ‘old barn-like’ feel of music, which makes the flavor of the melodies altogether unique.

For a hymn-like mode with a soft touch of music that whisper tales of old times and American history, The Rock Music’s Amazing Grace album is an excellent selection.

About The Rock Music

A Collection of Hymns is a unique addition to The Rock Music’s catalog. The Porter Family Band brings a folksy approach to songs that have been sung by the church for generations. Soaring harmonies are brought to life by an ensemble that includes the banjo, cello, acoustic guitar, upright bass, harmonica, and melodica, creating a powerful sonic foundation for these innovative arrangements of classic tunes. The hope is that the timeless truths expressed by traditional hymns, combined with homespun harmonies and front porch grooves, will draw the listener closer to Jesus.