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Album Review ~ Live At Blaisdell Arena By New Hope Oahu




Contemporary Worship

Release Date

July 28, 2017.


4.5 Stars


New Hope Oahu’s live performance at Blaisdell Arena presents an organic blend of music that invites worship in the heart of the listener, as well as persuades an outward expression of awe for God. The pleasantly heart-stirring music of the praise songs makes it easy to slip into dance mode with hands lifted high while celebrating the beautiful message that each song brings—deeply, joyfully, wholeheartedly! The worship songs inspire an atmosphere of peace and joy that is quintessentially lovely and holy.

New Hope Oahu’s live performance is yet again a poignant testimony of God’s love and faithfulness evident in the lives of men!

About New Hope Oahu

New Hope Oahu is listed as one of the top ten most innovative churches in America with Outreach Magazine listing them as one of the “top five churches to learn from.” New Hope Oahu is known for redeeming the arts and technology with thousands attending services each week between their 5 campuses and via the Internet.  NHO’s previous 3 albums have each charted on The Billboard Overall Christian Music Chart, with their last release, “Greater Together”, debuting at #1.  The Hawaii Academy of Recording Arts has also recognized New Hope Oahu’s albums as “Religious Album of the Year” for the past 3 years.   Their new LIVE album showcases the worship experience from their prior album’s more popular songs.