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I Am David

It is not uncommon for God to call a person to start something that has never existed before. As was with Abraham, it may require a new foundation to be laid for this new beginning—a slate wiped clean.

This was David’s story.

At the beginning, it appeared that Israel having a king was originally the people’s idea, but, in fact, God had installed this in His plan for Israel from the beginning, even revealing it to one of the patriarchs—Jacob—who prophesied it while on his deathbed as he blessed his son, Judah, and told him that his brother’s sons will bow down to him and that the ruling staff would never depart from his hand until it came to the one to whom it belonged (Genesis 49:8-12). Israel forcefully demanded for a king, and they were given one from the Tribe of Benjamin. But when God was ready to begin the dynasty that would produce Jesus, God wiped the slate clean and anointed David from the Tribe of Judah, as the prophecy had indicated.

As is with a case like this, for a new foundation to be laid, the rigors that God may pass one through are usually not simple or easy—the one who goes through the wall first gets hit the hardest. David fought many wars and battles, slept in countless caves, cried many tears, sang many psalms, whispered many prayers, employed maddening tactics, and devised astounding battle strategies under the wisdom, instruction, and tutelage of God before emerging as the first king of Israel that would produce the Christ.

If you find yourself in a similar place as David was—where God has called you to start something that has never been done before, always remember that God will protect, provide and keep you. In the sum of the days that follow, most may appear dark, evil, and gloomy; know that you’re not alone. God has already mapped out your course, and so you will not fail (Proverbs 21:30-31). In the fullness of time after God is done, He will produce the new and improved you—like He did with David—prepared to take your place and lead in the manner that God has called you to.

Like David did, hold unto God and draw nearer to Him so that He can draw nearer to you. Delight in Him more than ever before (Psalm 37:4), and lead your soul to pant for God more than a deer pants for water (Psalm 42:1). Take courage, and make sure that His Word never departs from your mouth (Joshua 1:6-9). If you continue on the path that He’s leading you on, you will never fail (Psalm 37:5-6).

More importantly, do not despair and begin to believe the lie that God has abandoned you, because the journey is taking too long. Remember His Word, instead, “Though sorrow abides through the night, joy shows up in the morning” (Psalm 30:5). Some days will be more difficult than others because you’re doing a new thing and there’s no instruction manual anywhere to tell you what to do to make it easier; all you can do is look up to God, like David did, for wisdom. In the event that you sin, repent and turn back to God; He will be happy to forgive and reinstate you, and continue leading you on your journey.

The article, I Am David, first appeared on To Be A Person (TBAP), and is part of the I Am Series on TBAP.

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