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God Doesn’t Want You To Hold Your Breath

When you make a request to God, as you wait for an answer or the manifestation of the answer that you’ve received, there’s the tendency to want to put life on hold as you plan the rest of your “living” around this answer that you’re waiting for “to happen.” Many times, this approach leads to much disappointment, and makes the child of God raise questions that s/he ordinarily wouldn’t.

It’s important to come to know God as a person, as you would anyone else. In my experience, it is in God’s nature to:

  1. Grant a request, but not always, specifically, within the time frame that you want, but rather, in the fullness of time as His wisdom sees fit. Within this period, certain events that He has set to happen, will. Only then will His finished work be revealed.
  2. Grant a request, but not necessarily have it come to you in the manner that you hoped or expected. Rather, His answer will manifest in a fashion tailored to suit the good work He is doing in you, fine-tuning and leading you to become the person that He’s called you to be.

In the end, the waiting period, most times, as most Christians would confess, turn out to be much longer than one expected, and during this period, there are usually good lessons to glean. You learn perseverance, which will finish God’s good work in you (James 1:4), leading to a harvest of peace, righteousness, and other blessings (Hebrews 12:11). You learn that your life moving forward truly doesn’t hang upon the manifestation of that requested desire, but instead, upon God holding you, and more importantly, upon His Word. You learn that God is control. And, eventually, when you’ve received the blessing, you’re able do so with a grateful heart and with an attitude different than the one you had when you initially sought Him for that particular blessing.

Also, within this period, as you wait, know that God wants you to live—truly live and enjoy living, slowing down to pay attention to the little details of life that once seemed unimportant. God doesn’t want you to hold your breath and put life on hold while you await His answer. He wants you to experience life with the full joy that emanates from His goodness and faithfulness, and to do so with much humility and gratitude. He wants you to see life through His eyes and His heart. So don’t hold your breath because, God doesn’t want you to. Be convinced rather, that in the fullness of time you’ll receive God’s blessing, and not before. It would be a gross mistake to let life pass you by while you wait on God.

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