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Artist Scoop ~ Interview with Kenan Stephenson, Creative Director & Songwriter for Equippers Revolution

Equippers Revolution released the Hands High album this July 14th (read the TBAP review here), which was pleasantly pop with a healthy persuasion that could lead a listener into worship mode. The young, bright, and hopeful Equippers are from Auckland, New Zealand, and their Creative Director and songwriter, Kenan Stephenson, took some time to talk to TBAP on behalf of the group. Follow our conversation and learn more about them!

Miranda ~ Hello! Happy to have you here on TBAP today. Could you please tell us a bit about Equippers Revolution?

Kenan: Thanks very much for having us, we’re glad to be talking with you. Equippers Revolution is the sound of our youth movement here at Equippers Church. We’re a creative collective made up of youth leaders and high school students, from Auckland, New Zealand.

Miranda ~ What events led Equippers to become professional music artist?

Kenan: We made an album a few years ago, and somehow that music spread further than we thought. We started out just making music that would encourage our own youth, and so the fact that other people connect with the music is really cool for us.

Miranda ~ Who would you say you sing for—the broken hearted, lost etc.? Why do you believe you’ve been called to this particular group of people?

Kenan: We just make music to help and encourage the young people we do life with here in our youth movement. We write for a specific group of people, and it’s really awesome that the music is relatable to others outside of our immediate world. I guess that’s the power of music, and we’re very honoured that our music helps people connect to God.

Miranda ~ The album you recently released with Dream Label is titled Hands High. Why so?

Kenan: Hands High Is all about making statements of faith. Throwing your hands in the air is a universal sign for making a statement, and we liked that we do that for God, in acts surrender, and, so, that’s why the album is called Hands High. It’s a bold declaration of faith, and has helped us in our walk with God.

Miranda ~ What does Equippers Revolution hope to offer the world and the Body of Christ through music?

Kenan: We just want to stay true to ourselves, and to keep making music that encourages the young people we do life with. Anything other than that, is an amazing honour. We’re just a young crew from the end of the world (New Zealand) that love God, and love to use our gifts to lift Him up, and help people connect with Him.


About Equippers Revolution

Equippers Revolution is the sound of the Revolution Youth Movement, and a musical expression of Equippers Church. Based in Auckland, New Zealand, it’s core members have grown up in the church, and have been a part of the youth worship team for over 10 years.

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