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I Am Joseph

Some dreams that God lay on one’s heart may initially appear too daunting and impossible, even to the dreamer who seemingly wants it the most. The road that leads to such a dream becoming a reality appears unmade. Clearly, such a feat will require a miracle from God’s hand, as nothing else will suffice.

It is not uncommon to find many Christians, if they choose to admit, who in their secret place, struggle with believing a Word or promise given to them by God. In Joseph’s case, Joseph didn’t appear to have a problem accepting God’s promise, but one would wonder if he often doubted it as he many troubles began—troubles which God used to refine and prepare him for the greatness that was ahead. And, it wasn’t until after the fullness of time that God plucked him out of Pharaoh’s prison and installed him as governor over Egypt with such power that was second only to Pharaoh’s.

Like Joseph, you may have received a specific word or promise from God, and even accepted it with a heart full of faith. But as God takes you through the rigors of life to prepare, discipline and strengthen you for what is to come, don’t, in the dark times, forget what God told you in the day. Trust that the impossible, as your case may be, is possible with God on your side; He’ll make a way where there ordinarily isn’t any. As you wait for the fulfillment of His promise in your life, remember that God doesn’t want you to hold your breath. Continue to live life gratefully and to the fullest, making sure to always do what is right in front for you.

The article, I Am Joseph, first appeared on To Be A Person (TBAP), and is part of the I Am Series on TBAP.


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