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Artist Scoop ~ Interview with the Rock Worship

The Rock Worship released the God Will Reign album this July 7th (read the TBAP review here), with instrumentation as powerful and excellent as the songs were wonderfully joyful! The group first launched in the year 2000 in Anaheim, California with the passion and vision to disciple Orange County for Jesus. The Rock Worship took some time to talk with TBAP, granting us a little insight about the group. Follow our conversation and learn more about them!

Miranda ~ Hello! Happy to have you here on TBAP today. Could you please tell us a bit about The Rock Worship?

RW: Hi, it’s great to connect with you today!  The Rock Worship is a community of worshipers that gather weekly at our home church, The Rock, in Anaheim, CA.  Our team is made up of many singers, musicians, writers, artists, and technicians that have a common goal, which is to connect with God in a fresh way, and to help many others connect with Him wherever they are.

Miranda ~ What inspired the God Will Reign Album and its title?

RW: It seems like this is said often, but over the last few years our world has seen a lot of change.  There is major tension politically, economically, socially, with religion, and on and on…our world needs Jesus!  This album is a declaration of praise to God.  Our cry is that He will one day rule the earth, and His love will be known to all. The songs on this album were written from the hearts of our church calling out to God and praying for our world.

Miranda ~ Who would you say you sing for—the broken hearted, lost etc.? Why do you believe you’ve been called to this particular group of people?

RW: I don’t know that we would say we necessarily sing for a specific group of people.  We hope that regardless of status in life or background, everyone hearing these songs would be encouraged, inspired, and reminded that God is real, that He loves them, and that living a life with and for Him is worth it no matter the cost, and no matter the situation they may be in.  And, hopefully, that ultimately, these songs would become their songs, too.

Miranda ~ What would you say is ultimately the core message of Rock Worship’s music?

RW: I think the core message of our music is that God is love, faithful, strong, forgiving…really everything that we need and more.  Once you connect with God (get in His presence) and know Him, you realize just how much His heart truly beats for you.  That will change your life forever!

Miranda ~ What principles guide the choice of lyrics for the songs that the Rock Worship writes/sings?

RW: I think a few principles we stick to are:

1) Our lyrics have to line up to the bible.

2) They have to be genuinely from our hearts.

3) “Singable” for others.

4) Creative.

5) They point people to God.

There are more, but these for sure, are some of them.


About The Rock Worship

It was the year 2000 when The Rock launched in Anaheim, California with a vision and passion to reach and disciple Orange County for Jesus. What started in one small room is now a church with 13 congregations on 9 campuses in 4 languages; and with a discipleship program that reaches over 160 U.S. churches and is in many countries around the world. Throughout the years many singers, musicians, writers, artists and technicians have been divinely gathered together to collaborate and bring something beautiful in worship to God.  This group that we call The Rock Worship has compiled 10 original songs for their sophomore album released on Dream Worship entitled God Will Reign.  Our prayer is that these songs would fill many homes, cars, parks, jogging trails, hospital rooms, houses of worship, mountains high and valleys low with the sweet presence of Jesus.