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Album Review ~ Like No Other By Inspire Church Worship


Contemporary Praise/Worship

Release Date

September 15, 2017.


4.5 Stars


Clearly, Inspire Church’s worship crew aim, through this magnificent piece, to testify of our wonderful God as good, faithful, majestic etc., encouraging the children of God to indeed praise His majesty, as well as pledge allegiance to Him, take their place in Him, and stand firm in His grace and power, for God is indeed faithful—this theme resonates generally throughout the Like No Other album, a message that is most timely and needed in today’s world. There’s a heartfelt cry of love toward God, and also a cry for His presence and mercy to rain down on God’s children and the earth as a whole—a uniting and harmonious prayer that not only rings deep in the hearts of all of God’s children all over the world, but also inspires complete surrender to God.

About Inspire Church Worship

From humble beginnings in 2001 to a thriving multi-site congregation, Pastor Mike and Lisa Kai are passionate about building the Church. They are visionary leaders with hearts to advance the Kingdom of God by attracting non-believers to Christ, connecting them to their church family, training them for life and ministry and sending each person to fulfill their God-given potential. Pastors Mike and Lisa believe that “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind can comprehend what God has for those who love Him” (1 Corinthians 2:9). Out of this conviction emerged the Equip and Inspire Network. Each year, the Network hosts the Arise Women’s Conference, Kingdom Man Conference, and the Equip and Inspire Conference, which empower people across the Hawaiian Islands, US Mainland, and Internationally.