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I Am Joshua (Part 2)

When you receive a promise of destiny from God, there’s the tendency to rush off in zeal to get started and achieve it all quickly. You might even go ahead and prepare a plan and step-by-step process to get you to where you think you are going (and may even do so forgetting to consult God). You believe that your plan isn’t only fail-proofed, you’re sure that it will get you there without any pain or hitches, and hopefully, will include fame, wealth and bliss.

Turns out, God doesn’t necessarily work like that. He is a God of process—He chisels, molds, trims, and cuts our character in ways that could be painful, while teaching us to remain joyful in the midst of the storms in our life. By following Him, we learn the truth that destiny unfolds over time, and it is never in a hurry.

Joshua’s journey didn’t start the day he took over from Moses. It started with him learning the ropes as Moses apprentice, and he was so for a long time. In his later years, God told him that though he was old, there was still much left for him to do (Joshua 13:1-7). The lesson here, Joshua didn’t accomplish giving the land to the children of Israel in a short time. It took years.

In the case of Israel, the people were supposed to receive the Promised Land from God, but God released the entire land to them slowly. God told them that He Himself would drive out the inhabitants (Joshua 13:6), but He wouldn’t do it at once, otherwise, the wild animals would multiply in the open and vacant space of the land (Deuteronomy 7:19-23), which wouldn’t have been good for the Israelites.

In like manner, we, too, will walk the path of destiny one step at a time, with God unraveling only what we can handle, and not more, so that we wouldn’t get destroyed by the wild animals of the world. He will take His time to prepare us so that we will remain in the place of blessing and destiny until our work on earth is done.

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