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Book Review ~ Under The Shade Of The Banyan Tree by Angela Pisaturo

About the Book

Julia DeLuca had a six figure job, penthouse apartment overlooking Central Park, and a boyfriend who was climbing the corporate ladder.

So why was she unhappy?

Julia felt life had more to offer than prestige and fancy things; she needed to explore that possibility. But she had one major obstacle; her controlling father who did not hide his disappointment of her. In a bold move to find purpose, Julia leaves it all behind for a chance to serve in the missions of India.

A heart-warming saga of finding purpose, love and forgiveness set against the backdrop of India.




Contemporary Romance


2 Stars


Under the Shade of the Banyan Tree has an easy and engaging flow to the reading experience, which helps carry a reader to the end. The first few pages showed some vagueness in some parts of its narrative and poor transition between some of the sub-scenes. Overall, there was also some inconsistency in the use of tenses and POVs. In some instances, there was lack/misuse of punctuation. And in the dialogue, there was an overuse of nouns (names of characters) where pronouns would have sufficed. Also, unnecessary repetition and over-description in some scenes ruined the general narrative.

The characters were generally immature/non-distinctive so that they didn’t uniquely stand out, which failed to add the flavor from character complexity needed to enrich a plot. The overall plot seemed to present an over-simplicity to life/decisions as well as issues of love and romance, and God and spirituality, making the story out of touch with reality in some ways.

While the writing itself was generally good, it could have been better. There were instances where adorable and comical quips added beauty to the writing. With the guidance of a copyeditor/line editor, Under the Shade of the Banyan Tree would have been perfect.

About the Author

Angela Pisaturo is a creative writing instructor in the Tampa Bay area. Her novels reflect the lives of wounded women and how they find their way back to wholeness through the grace of God. She studied writing at Jerry Jenkins Christian Writers Guild. She has written an inspirational column for, an article for Pet Supermarkets on pet therapy and an article on God’s love in nature for Creation Illustrated Magazine. She received the John Gardner Award, Honorable Mention for the best character description and also was one of the top fifteen in the Put Children First, 1st lines contest from Pockets Magazine.