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Album Review ~ Rococo By The Royal Royal





Release Date

September 22, 2017.


4.5 Stars


Rococo softly but intently emphasizes praise and worship of God with heart and lyrics that show deep and intense surrender. The music is a beautiful harmonious arrangement that overall compliments the atmosphere of worship, so that a unique blend borne of pop, rock, and contemporary worship, which softly inspires the soul of a music lover that is a fan of all three genres.

Look out for track #3, Neon Sign; it is sure to uplift and entertainment, and when a number can do both, then it is quite impressive. Other great ones are God Who Saves, Everything, and Afterlife.

About The Royal Royal

The Royal Royal is comprised of Gabriel and Nathan Finocchio. The brothers began writing music in their father’s church in Ontario, Canada. Their songwriting skills inspired a unique and powerful worship experience, prompting them to pursue their vision to create a worship band. “Worship is this beautiful gateway into the presence of God,” explains Gabriel. “All we want our music to do is connect people to the Lord. What else is worship supposed to do?”