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I Am Caleb

Caleb and Joshua were the only two spies out of the twelve sent into Canaan to return with a positive report despite what they’d witnessed. The other ten are historically known to have swayed the Israelites with their negative opinion, such that, it angered God enough to punish Israel by swearing that the adult generation would never taste the goodness of the Promised Land, but instead, would die in the desert.

What can we glean from this?

Know who you are, know God’s Word, and hold on tightly to the truth no matter what, because even after you’ve acknowledged and accepted God’s Word, bad company, given the time and right circumstances, could persuade you into believing something other than what you profess. Typically, it’s when you’re by yourself again—away from all the noise—that you realize the error in letting yourself be swayed by what you knew to be untrue. Sadly, this lack of show of strength and faith may result in decisions that you may not be able to come back from—like the Israelites who, by the time they’d realized their error in believing the ten spies, took up arms to fight the Canaanites against God’s instruction, and in the end still lost the battle and were refused the blessing of entering the Promised Land; their generation would perish in the desert.

Wherever you find yourself, there will always be people who hold opinions contrary to what Scripture teaches, and so subscribe to a culture and way of life that do not honor God. Make up your mind to know God, to study His Word, and to accept Him and His Word as trustworthy and incontestable; discover who God says you are (while Moses was called to be a prophet, Caleb and Joshua were called to be warriors), accept the destiny and path He has set you on, and hold fast to His statutes and principles, never wavering from them. Days will come when who you are and what you profess will be put to the test. While the Holy Spirit will remain faithful in whispering the truth and reminding you of who/whose you are, it is up to you to decide to not be ashamed of the truth that you stand for.

Be courageous even when it appears you’re standing alone in speaking the truth, like Caleb and Joshua who stood alone against the other ten. Do not let God’s Word depart from your mouth. Hold onto it and profess it in the face of lies. Study it and meditate on it day and night; there is a blessing for remaining steadfast in the Word of God, and God Himself will make you successful on your path to your destiny (Joshua 1:6-9). In due time, because you chose to stand by His Word, He will make your righteousness shine like the dawn, and He will make the justice of your cause glow like the noonday sun (Psalm 37:5-6); all eyes will see this and many will acknowledge that God is good, and has been good to you. This was the reward of Caleb (and Joshua)!

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