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I Am Daniel

When you’ve been selected along with your peers for an enviable position, the natural tendency is to want to empress your superiors. You wouldn’t want to do anything that would jeopardize your chances. And if your moral compass isn’t what it should be, you might even consider compromising certain ethics and principles to make sure that your position is secure.

But Daniel wasn’t like that at all.

He took note of the fact that the food and wine being supplied to them were sacrificed to the Babylonian god before being served on the king’s table, and knew that to eat it would be to defile himself before God. Aware that it might offend the king and his eunuchs, he took the bold step of requesting for vegetables and water instead. In the end, along with Shedrach, Meshach, and Abednego, he offered a solution that worked for all and honored God.

Daniel understood that if God could grant him the favor of being selected by the king, then God could also keep him in the king’s graces. Daniel didn’t have to play games or compromise in any way to remain where he’d been promoted. He also recognized that no power under heaven could remove him if God didn’t allow it. In like manner, trust God for where you are and that He can sustain you where He’s placed you. As long as you follow God’s precepts, no power or scheme under heaven can undo what God has done in your life. Do not let fear take over to the point that you’re willing to compromise the truth. It never ends well to do so.

Finally, like Daniel did when Nebuchadnezzar declared himself the only god to be worshiped, always give thanks to God and remain worshipful no matter what; do the best you can, and always seek to glorify God in your way of life. Like in Daniel’s life, everything will fall into place as it should. Trust God and live holy. There’s a reward for those who hold on to the truth. For Daniel, he was promoted to the most prominent position, and his enemies were totally destroyed.


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