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Song Review ~ Mirage By Platon Emil & Stefan Nixdorf (Feat.Landry Cantrell & Kristen Hicks)

Kristen Hick’s, sister to Kelsey (wife of Landry Cantrell), joins Landry Cantrell and producers, Platon Emil & Stefan Nixdorf on a new track titled, Mirage.



Release Date

October 20, 2017.


4 Stars


Mirage speaks of a place of darkness, but also of awakening. The metaphorical presentation, while emphasizing a phase of life where a person exists in a delusional world, also speaks of a moment of revelation: when things are made clear. Though the lyrics don’t directly point to one of Christian, it’s candor message reflects what everyone goes through at one (or more) point in their life.

The instrumentals are soft and easy on the ears and do not overpower the singing, making it an overall pleasant song.

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