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Book Review ~ Love, Sex & Money: The R3 Factor of Great Relationships By Ron & Tina Konkin

About the Book

This book is not just another world-view about LOVE, SEX, and MONEY, but rather a powerful, proven system that is restoring marriages in crisis. The R3 Factor of Great Relationships is a revolutionary approach to rewriting and restoring your relationships. It covers the most critical areas of marriage. There are many factors that can make or break a relationship.

In this book, you will find the tools you need to understand and identify what is working, and conversely, not working in your relationships. This book offers a simple solution to help you find not just a formula, but true healing as thousands of others from Hollywood, and around the world have discovered who dared to adopt the Reveal, Rewrite and Renew directive found in the R3 Factor of Great Relationships .






4 Stars


In this wonderful piece, the Konkins (read Tina Konkin’s TBAP interview here) send out a clear invitation for second chances at fully living life and enjoying relationships that were once damaged by past hurts, which go as far back as an individual’s childhood. They keep it real and delicately raw as they each share their personal journeys and how God used their stories to help others in their ministry. Drawing from past experiences, they created the R3 Factor, the fundamental principles by which they’ve garnered much success at a rate more than 90%, which they teach others to embrace for their personal healing journey.

Love, Sex & Money, the much anticipated release by celebrity relationship experts, Tina and Ron Konkin, does not disappoint, as they deliver on their promise to expand on why their organization is so successful, and at the same time lead the reader down a soul-searching path that could only come out on the brighter side.


About the Author

Tina Konkin is an internationally acclaimed leader and speaker on the topic of relationships. As the co-founder and Executive Director of R3 Lifeline, Tina regularly speaks for men’s & women’s groups, couples conferences, church groups, and business organizations, as well as personal coaching focused on relentlessly achieving a life that rises to it’s full potential of God-given gifts and purpose.