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Music EP Review ~ CLRS By Equippers Revolution





Release Date

January 19, 2018.


4 Stars


The Equippers present the EP, CLRS, in their classic pop flavor that is ever enjoyable and never goes out of style. The enthusiastic praise of God that accompanies the instrumentals is inspiring and eclectically contagious.

With this release, The Equippers show that they are unstoppable in their desire to worship God, bless His people, and inspire faith, love, and hope in the world—clearly carving out their place in the Christian Music Industry alongside groups like Hillsong Y&F. A brilliant follow-up to their previous release, CLRS is an EP to be enjoyed as we anticipate what they have next.


About Equippers Revolution

Equippers Revolution is the sound of the Revolution Youth Movement, from Equippers Church, Auckland, New Zealand. Its core members have grown up in the church, and have been a part of the youth worship team for over 10 years. The creative collective is made up of youth leaders and high school students, and their music has always had the aim of connecting young people to Jesus.  The team’s debut on DREAM (Hands High) saw their music get outside of the local church and helped to share how they celebrate Christ.  Their new EP (CLRS), with the lead single Senses,look to keep the worship experience going as they charge forward with an even more advanced sound. Read Equippers’ TBAP interview here.


About DREAM Label Group

DREAM was founded in 2008 to provide artists with a genuine approach to how real artist development should be done. By allowing for a partnership as a business model, Dream’s artists empower themselves to develop and carry out a real vision for their lives as they affect other people’s lives with their music and message. Incorporating social media, press, radio and touring it’s allowing it’s artists grow together as a family.