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Entertainment Scoop ~ Interview With DREAM Records GM, Lance Brown

It’s an honor to introduce this guest on TBAP, Lance Brown, the man behind much of the success of DREAM Records Group! Lance is a partner and GM of DREAM Records, and has being on the Christian music scene for 20 years. He is responsible for the success of many artists, older and upcoming, and has worked with teams of Grammy-nominated professionals across the board to produce the best music on the Christian music scene. Lance took the time to share with TBAP a bit about his life, personal beliefs, and work ethic.

Miranda ~ Hello Lance! Honored to have you visit TBAP today. Please tell us a bit about yourself.
Lance: Thank you. Well, my name is Lance Brown. I’m on the partners at Dream Records. I’m a health nut, I make funny posts on Facebook, I’m a proud father, and I’m dedicated to the one who rose from the grave.
Miranda ~ How did you become a Christian? In what way do you believe your personal journey as a Christian/Executive producer inspires those around you?
Lance: My walk with Christ started at a very young age as my mom instilled her faith in me. I was baptized at age 11 and went on a beautiful educational journey in college that only reaffirmed my faith as a young adult to today, independently of my family. I’m a big believer that the walk can be more important than the talk, so I do my best to do the right thing through action quite a bit.
Miranda ~ When did music become a part of your life? What events inspired, and in particular, led to the starting of DREAM Label Group?
Lance: How much time do you have? Haha. The short story is I learned about music around age 5 when my Dad took me to a music store to buy a cassette tape. From there, I realized rather quickly how melody influenced people. After I graduated from college, I went into the music business as a music manager where I learned from the greats. I later started my own management company where I saw a number of my acts reach heights I never realized were possible. About 10 years ago, I met Dave Hanley (the founder of DREAM Records) and we had the same vision to mold the culture of the Christian industry, and so we started working together. Fast forward to today, we have 8 labels now. It’s been quite the journey.
Miranda ~ How would you describe your early days in the industry? What lessons/principles have you learned that keep you afloat, and, how has your journey in the industry bettered your walk with God?
Lance: I learned quite early on, that the music industry is about having vision, being passionate, working hard, and building solid relationships. There are no shortcuts to this business, and it’s easy to come and go without those principles. I believe God has been in the details of all of those principles for me and I have been blessed to be in the business for 20 years as a result.
Miranda ~ You’ve signed a good number of artists/bands/worship teams that have turned out to be popular and favorites. What do you look out for in an artist/band/team before you sign them? How do you meet your artists?
Lance: I usually find artists just like how everybody else does…friends, music sites, social sites. The best advice I’ve ever received was from the late Bill Hearn (RIP) at Capitol Christian when I asked him what the secret to his success was. His wise reply was simple: “good music.”
Miranda ~ DREAM Label now works with Film companies. For each, how did this come about? What services in particular do you offer each group?
Lance: Dream has always been fascinated with the application of music in film. Songs have gone from popular to timeless when placed in film, and we’ve always wanted to add that to our repertoire. Our growing relationships with film studios and production companies have been quite organic, but we’ve worked hard to achieve them. We are encouraged to see those songs go on songs inspired albums to being in the films themselves.
Miranda ~ You’ve been on the executive/business side of music for a long time. In what way is the Christian industry different than the mainstream and, what would you like to see change on the Christian scene?
Lance: If you accept that the major difference is the obvious: that the Christian scene is its own genre with its own relationships, the philosophy to break artists is the exact same as the mainstream. I will say, though, that the people in this industry are some of the best people I’ve had the pleasure to work with.
Miranda ~ There is an illusion out there about the entertainment industry, especially in regards to hard work, fame, and money. Please, speak frankly about this.
Lance: I’ve always been concerned about the motivation of “fame” or “money” in anything. If you approach this business (or any business) with the same principles that hard work and passion can produce results then that should be the motivation. Fame and money are mere byproducts of hard work. While there’s nothing wrong with having fame or money, people who have it should have a solid relationship with God so they don’t fall in love with fame and money.
Miranda ~ What are you most grateful for right now and generally?
Lance: My son Rylan. Outside of accepting Jesus into my heart he’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love him dearly and people that know me know my testimony with him.
Miranda ~ What advice would you offer to a person who wants to start a record label of their own?
Lance: Starting a record company should always be a passion because it’s a lot of work. I’ve always recommended that before starting anything, to learn from others in those fields first. Get an internship no matter how old you are if you want to be in this business. Learn the business so you don’t fall into the pitfalls people who don’t learn, do. I think that’s a lesson for life really. Be intentional. Learn. Believe.

THIS or THAT (The Fun Qs!)

Coffee or Tea? Coffee in the morning. Tea at night!
Gym or Outdoor? Gym.
Sneakers or Boots? I can’t go anywhere without my sneakers.
Running or Walking? Walking.
Cereal or Fruit? Fruit.
Movies or Books? Movies.
TV or Magazine? TV
Summer or Spring? What’s the difference? I live in L.A.
Rain or Snow? Snow
Blazer or Leather Jacket? Blazer


About Lance Brown

Lance Brown is a partner and GM at DREAM Records. Realizing at a young age the influence of music on people, and also a Christian at heart, after graduating college he stepped into the music scene as a music manager and watched some of the artists he managed soar to heights beyond what he imagined possible. Fueled by passion and this success, Lance went on to start an artist management company of his own. Roughly ten years into the entertainment business, he met Dave Hanley (founder of DREAM Records). Having a similar vision as Dave, they joined forces and together established eight labels to date with offices spanning from Honolulu to L.A. Their work has not only led to the rising of celebrated artists, but has attracted a strong alliance with movie studios as well. Lance has signed a number of great artists and upcoming that continue to be favorites on Christian music radio, thereby reshaping the culture on the Christian music scene, and the entertainment industry at large. Learn more about DREAM Records Group here.