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Album Review ~ Whole Heart By Passion Music

About Whole Heart

“Rooted out of the Passion movement, we are committed to leading people towards renewed intimacy with God and fresh encounters of worship. Passion is more than music. More than events. Passion is a generation living for His name.”

WHOLE HEART is the new live album from Passion—captured at Passion Conference 2018 in Atlanta, GA. Passion Conference 2018 was a beautiful worship experience, and the live album captures each powerful moment, allowing those who were not in attendance to experience it. Featuring Passion Artists: Kristian Stanfill, Melodie Malone, Sean Curran, Matt Redman, Crowder.




Contemporary Worship/Praise

Release Date

February 23, 2018.


5 Stars


The Whole Heart album opens powerfully and worshipfully with the exhilarating Whole Heart song. So much heart, soul, and surrender are obvious in the overall music, leading a listener to fall into its beautiful ambience. The lyrics are simply magnificent and life-breathing, reminding the true believer of their unshakable identity in Jesus—and nothing ignites more joy and bold praise!
The essence of true worship is felt throughout the album as it saturates a listener’s spirit to overflowing satisfaction, joy, peace, and thanksgiving, which can only come from heartfelt worship and praise of God Who is truly magnified in these songs as the eyes, hearts, and spirit of His children are opened to experience Him on a whole new level—truly magnificent!
As one listens, there’s a terrific and beautiful melting that produces a contrite heart and broken spirit, which leads to a bountiful restoration of the soul in the midst of this softly powerful worship. And the soul is not all that is being restored—also faith and hope, as God’s children in unity and unison, call on His holy Name, being edified as they genuinely seek to bless His heart and His Name. The reassurance of who we are as God’s children and where we stand is gently dropped into our spirits as we are diligently reminded by the Spirit-inspired lyrics. Truly, truly amazing!

*Though I ofder this review to the public, these opinions are mine and simply that. A Thank you to Flyby Promotions and Passion Music for a free copy in exchange for an honest opinion. 

About Passion Music

Rooted out of the Passion Movement, Passion Music is committed to leading people towards renewed intimacy with God and fresh encounters of worship. You can listen to Passion Music here.