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Article ~ The Perks Of Being An [Entertainment] Blogger

In this piece, I aim to be more personal than I usually am. Yes, I’m a private person—very private!—but I’ve come to realize that it is impossible to inspire people without telling your personal story. What I do here on the TBAP blog, as editor, is tell other people’s stories (using articles and interviews) with the hope that what they have learned on their personal journey will inspire and help others to live out their lives courageously for God, and this has in turn blessed me greatly! So, here I am in this article, starting by letting you know how being an entertainment blogger has affected me personally and brightened my journey. Trust me when I say this: what I offer in this piece may be nothing like what you expect it to be, as I rightly suspect that this article’s title may persuade a reader to presume that it offers nothing but vanity. On the contrary! It is my desire and hope that you will not only be blessed and encouraged by it, but that you will also be inspired to live your life courageously for God by choosing to become the person that He has called you to be! (This is, in fact, what To Be A Person—TBAP—is all about!)

Without further ado, here are some perks that I’ve enjoyed as an entertainment blogger:

  1. As an interviewer, when I receive the stories of these wonderful people, I am humbled by their beginnings, their journey so far, and their tenacity to continue in their walk with God no matter what storms they had to overcome, or where they’ve found themselves presently. It takes the arrogance out of me, because prior to when I receive their story, I thought that I deserved life and achievement much easier than I have it. I pout, believing that I have it rough, and unfairly so, and then, along comes a renowned professional—a weathered authority in their line of work—respected by their peers and beyond; they tell me their story, and then I realize a few truths: my circumstance, in a manner of sorts, isn’t peculiar after all, and so where do I get off demanding from God that I should have it easier—when there are others, better achieved than me, who didn’t! In some cases even, their beginnings or present circumstances are rougher than mine, but they tackle it anyway, and probably with a better attitude too!
  2. It goes without saying that it is honoring to be allowed a peek into the personal lives of people who welcome me in for a bit of their time, even though prior to then, they had no personal connection with me, and so are not in any way obligated to accommodate me, but do so anyway, for the sake of adding good to the world by letting me tell their stories. The humility behind such transparency that allows them to tell of their weaknesses and present struggles/situation, as opposed to announcing boastful achievements, often surprises me in a good way, and teaches me too, making them relatable on some level. What could be more inspiring than that?
  3. Their stories, without fail, inspire much hope, faith, and love in me! There are moments when I want to give up on my journey, and then these wonderful folks come along with their stories, rich with nuggets of wisdom, and I’m blessed for it! I’m inspired to move on. I’m reminded that I’m not alone on this journey! There are others like me who have overcome. I have Christ’s family and fellow comrades with me! We are soldiers matching forward together!
  4. We all agree that the entertainment industry is NOT all that TV/media make it out to be. No, no, it is not. Not even close! No group of people affirms this more than those who tell me their stories! TV/Media may present a façade of fame, glamor, and wealth, placing some of these people on a pedestal, but it’s always refreshing and pleasant to witness them climb down from it and level with me. Through the eyes and wisdom of these lovely people, some of who’ve become friends/mentors, I’ve learned that like in every other industry, you MUST work hard, and more importantly, remain grounded in God’s calling upon your life. It truly is the only way that you can shine His light. This helps keep me grounded in my work as God prepares me for greater things. There is nothing like encouragement from the side! They graciously, in the simplest of words, offer advice that may have taken painful experiences to come by. By telling me their story, these giants let me stand on their shoulders, so that I can see much clearer and much farther ahead than I would have on my own. If anything, I’m inspired to do the same for those coming behind me.
  5. Their stories affirm God’s Word and encouragement in my heart! When there are ideas that I suspect I’ve been blessed with from heaven, but appear too crazy to entertain or even utter out loud, these fine people, through their stories, point out to me that I’m not crazy at all! In fact, it’s okay to dream “crazy,” I realize! And that God, in His manifold wisdom, blesses us with intriguing and, albeit, intense ideas that lead us on a path to not only achieve these absurdly “crazy” dreams, but to do so in a manner that plays into His perfect design and His planned destiny for us, so that in the end, He is glorified. The amazing feeling, whenever this happens, never gets old!

These are just a few of the perks that I’ve enjoyed as an entertainment blogger—to be continually blessed with these gems in a myriad of ways and every day, is just so amazing! In my bid to serve others with these stories, these stories have, without fail, served me! And for this, I am grateful to God for using these wonderful people to make me a better person, so that I can better serve Him and others. I hope this inspires you as it has me.

About The Editor

Miranda A. Uyeh is the founder and editor of To Be A Person (TBAP), the author of Christian Romance/Suspense fiction, To Die Once: Child of Grace #1, a Mogul Global Ambassador, and a copywriter. She was a one-time shortlisted judge for the Inspy Awards in 2014 in the Contemporary Romance & Romance/Suspense Category.

When Miranda isn’t reviewing books/entertainment or hosting interviews on TBAP, she’s writing, reading for fun or relaxing with a good movie! When she gets bored with the world, she talks to God about it! To learn more about her book, To Die Once, her journey as an author and her other activities, you can follow her personal website. You can also connect with her on TwitterFacebookPinterest, and Google+.

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