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Interview With Author, Rebecca Crownover

Rebecca  Crownover is the lovely author behind the children’s book, My Daddy’s In Heaven With Jesus, now made into the movie, My Daddy’s In Heaven, out this March, as well as the popular Texas Farm Girl series,  which she aims to use to educate, entertain, and inspire kids through farming. The My Daddy’s In Heaven movie (check out the movie on facebook) is based upon the true life story of Rebecca, and today, Rebecca has taken some time with TBAP to tell us more about herself, her family, ministry, and work. Take a look!

Miranda ~ Please tell us a bit about yourself that we don’t already know.

Rebecca: Inspired by God’s plan and the places that he wants to take me! I grew up a small town girl in the farming community of Sunray, TX where I learned to farm with my grandfather as a child. Today, I am partners in our family farm with my awesome in-laws. My blood type is John Deere green. I am a mother to my beautiful and energetic 11 year old daughter, Acie, who is everything to me.

Miranda ~ What event inspired you to make Jesus your personal Lord and Savior? Secondly, please define your ministry.

Rebecca: I was 5 years old when I walked down the aisle at Sunray Baptist Church to accept Jesus as my personal Savior. My parents were a big part of my influence and inspiration at that young of an age. The Christian Faith has been at the forefront of my life since.

Through my own personal life journey, I’ve had many ups and downs. Through those experiences, I’ve published children’s books to share those experiences to inspire, entertain, and educate others. Now one of those children’s books, My Daddy Is In Heaven With Jesus, has turned into a faith-based film—My Daddy Is In Heaven—that I envision as God’s tool that will touch millions of lives.

Miranda ~ My Daddy Is In Heaven With Jesus is a wonderful book that brought comfort to your daughter, as well as to other children across the world. What was your experience, emotionally and spiritually, as you wrote this book for your daughter?

Rebecca: We could talk a long time on this question. It’s been quite a journey from a tragic experience that was so raw and emotional, to putting some of those words down on paper to publish a book, then promoting it. From brokenness to believing in God’s plan for our situation and experience, I have grown spiritually in ways I never thought possible. I believe that through my faith in God and allowing him to fulfill his purpose through us, he has blessed our family with the opportunity to share the rawness and reality of a tragic story on screen through the My Daddy Is In Heaven movie that will ultimately bless many, many lives.

Miranda ~ The movie, My Daddy Is In Heaven, inspired by your book/true life story, comes out this March. What message do you hope this movie will pass on – first to children and also to adults?

Rebecca: To children, that Heaven is for real. With it being hard to grasp or understand when we lose someone special in our lives, whether a person or a pet, it’s important to understand that it’s okay to ask about Heaven, to vision what it may be like, and that it is an amazing place and not to be scared of it.

For adults, that life is hard, and that we all experience a unique journey. Even if we get angry at God along our path, we must not lose site of God and the purpose He has for us. On the flip side, when we see others go through loss or hard times, to be compassionate towards them and what they are going through. It’s easy to judge their decisions, but difficult to put ourselves in their shoes to envision what they are going through emotionally. This is where I believe My Daddy Is In Heaven really shows the inside look at that struggle.

Miranda ~ What was your initial reaction when the studio approached you to make your true story into a movie? Had you been approached by other studios before?

Rebecca: It was crazy! It’s like God planted the thoughts in my head to be open to a movie script, and literally that month, a producer connected with me from Voyage Media asking if I was open to turning my book into a faith-based film. One phone call led to another and here we are today releasing a film that I believe will inspire so many. Kinda funny how God works sometimes!

Miranda ~ Having life turn out differently that you’d hoped, how would you describe to other hurting people—adults and younger—how you draw strength from God on a daily basis and healing from the pain of loss?

Rebecca: Let go and let God. I say that all day every day. We get so stressed out in the moment of life in our relationships, our jobs, etc. When we do, we have to stop ourselves, take a deep breath, and remember, our plan is God’s plan. If we allow God to guide us by having bold faith in what lies ahead, easy or hard, the blessings are always far greater than we ever imagined. Jerimiah 29:11 is a great reminder that God wants us to prosper out of our hardships. That’s a verse that I’ve always hung my hat on as His promise to us.

Miranda ~ Being an entrepreneur, farmer, author, speaker, and single mom, how do you juggle it all, maintain calm balance, and stay grounded?

Rebecca: It’s one day at a time, and prioritizing what’s most important. I have a great support system with my family and friends, and that makes a big difference.

Miranda ~ What particular event inspired you to create the Texas Farm Girl series, which educates, entertains, and inspires kids through farming? What would you like to see achieved through this that hasn’t already been done?

Rebecca: After publishing My Daddy Is In Heaven With Jesus, I realized how fun it was to write children’s books. I realized I didn’t want to be a grief expert and wanted to share what I was an expert at. So I went to my roots of being a farmer and growing up farming with my grandfather to develop stories that would entertain, educate and inspire. Texas Farm Girl is always evolving, and I’d love for it to become an even more powerful brand that children and parents trust and love.

Miranda ~ What are you most grateful for—right now, in your ministry, and generally?

Rebecca: I’m so grateful to Nasser Entertainment, Inc. and to all of those they have put together to share our powerful story through the movie, My Daddy Is In Heaven. I cannot be more thankful and appreciative to be able to wake up each day and fulfill my everyday purpose God has for my life.

Miranda ~ What words of comfort/advice would you offer a person who’s recently found themselves in the same position as you did when you lost your husband?

Rebecca: When life takes you to your knees, have faith that you can and will be happy again. Recovery may look like Mount Everest, but by taking one day at a time and stepping forward a little more each day, you’ll find that new place of peace and happiness in time. Always be willing to take a step forward by having bold faith in God’s plan.

THIS or THAT (The Fun Qs!)

Coffee, Tea, or Mocha? Tea (Love a good Chai Tea Latte)
Dresses or Pants? Dresses are always fun.
Boots or Heels? A good balance of both.
Breakfast or Dinner? Breakfast! Pancakes are always fun for dinner.
Books or Music? I love both! Audible books are my favorite to get through more of them.
Juice or Smoothie? A good protein smoothie is my favorite.
Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla always. Not a chocolate fan.
Scarf or Gloves? Gloves! If my hands are cold, I’m cold.

About Rebecca Crownover

A single mom and only parent, farmer by profession, and Best Selling and Award Winning Children’s Book Author, Rebecca Crownover uses her life experiences to inspire children and their parents through her writing. Her published work includes four children’s books and a chapter published in Business Leader, Brian Tracy’s book, The Success Blueprint. Rebecca got her start as a children’s book author by publishing the book, My Daddy Is In Heaven With Jesus, an award-winning children’s book that helps children find comfort after losing a parent. She went on to create the brand and children’s book series, Texas Farm Girl, to educate, entertain, and inspire children through life lessons in farming.

From Texas to Los Angeles, Rebecca has been featured in National Farming Magazines and many other media outlets. In November 2015, she was quoted in Forbes magazine in America’s Premier Experts, Forecasts and Strategies, on Health, Wealth, and Success. She was also featured on William Shatner’s National TV program where she received an award by Retired Rear Admiral Kevin F. Delaney for being an innovative entrepreneur in helping move America forward through the Texas Farm Girl series. Rebecca is an AGvocate in educating kids and her fans about Agriculture as well as to inspire others through her life story. Her life story will release on the Hollywood screen in 2018 in the movie, My Daddy Is In Heaven, featuring Jenn Gotzon and Corbin Bernsen, based on her first children’s book. She farms full time as partner and owner of Lone Star Family Farms, a Texas Panhandle grain production farm that operates over 50,000 acres.

Visit this page to learn more about her farm. To learn more about Rebecca, her books, song and country music video, Texas Farm Girl, visit the Texas Farm Girl website and Rebecca’s official page.