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NEWS ~ New Music Artist, Juli Tapken, Celebrates New Song Release, God Is Ever True, With Platinum Planet Records

New artist, Juli Tapken celebrates her first release on Platinum Planet Records. The song, God Is Ever True, written by famous Nashville songwriter, Music Row veteran, and owner of Platinum Planet Records, is taking the religious world by storm!

“I’ve had the idea of this song for some time,” says songwriter, Justin Peters. “I wanted to write a song that would give hope in these dark times. After I wrote the song, I knew Juli would be just the one to sing it.”

Juli signed with Platinum Planet Records in the fall of 2017.

“She is a great actress and a great fit to our company,” Says Peters.

Juli is delighted to work with Peters and compares the joyful experience to the adoption of her son.

“Being on Platinum Planet Records is like having a beautiful child laid in my arms that I did not labor for,” says actress, Juli Tapken. “This opportunity was gifted to me.”

Peters echoes her sentiments by adding, “This is a dream come true for me, too. It was my desire to work with Juli and to develop her as an actress/singer/songwriter. We are honored to have her commitment.”

Juli Tapken is a woman of many talents. She is a singer/actress whose many credits include the leading role in the Christian films, Providence and Mission Improbable. She has also appeared in the famous hit series, Nashville, and most recently, Homicide Hunter, as the episodes featured role. God Is Ever True is already getting air play worldwide, and the outlook is promising for new artist, Juli Tapken. She is looking forward to making music history at Platinum Planet Records and she’s off to a great start!

You can download God Is Ever True on:
iTunes | Amazon

Also available for download on other popular music sites!

Learn more about Juli and hear a sampling of her latest release on her official website. Connect with Juli on facebook!