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Scoop ~ Interview With My Daddy Is In Heaven Main Cast, Jenn Gotzon Chandler

Jenn Gotzon Chandler is a friend and a sweet and talented person! A top actress and main cast in a lot of award-winning and notable Christian/inspirational movies, Jenn has gone on to become a producer alongside her husband, Jim E. Chandler. The two, a lovely pair and dynamic duo, through Jenn’s new company, are producing a movie, The Farmer And The Belle, which respected critics predict will be a hit and a Christmas Classic! Though this isn’t Jenn’s first visit on TBAP, we recently caught up, and Jenn has let me in on what she’s been up to lately, especially on her role in the new movie, My Daddy Is In Heaven, where she plays the main cast as Rebecca Crownover. Take a look!

Miranda ~ Hello Jenn! It’s super awesome to have you back on TBAP! What have you been up to lately?

Jenn: Thanks Miranda! Adore you to pieces. What have I been up to??? Learning how to be a better wife for my hubby, lol, I’m making a new salmon recipe in between chatting with you over this interview about My Daddy Is In Heaven. PS. Never made salmon before, so hope it turns out good.

Miranda ~ You’re presently working on The Farmer and the Belle, a movie you’re producing with your husband, Jim Chandler. What moment, in particular, led you two to create a story inspired by your own love story, and, how did you come about the bold step to include your actual wedding in the movie’s end?

Jenn: On Saint Patty’s Day, 3-17-2018, we will be celebrating our one year anniversary of being married and going strong in developing this family movie franchise, to hopefully find a home on a television network like Hallmark. The story was birthed during a fast while I was praying for Jim and our engagement, and it grew into the support from many talents, including you as a contributing writer. So while we were filming My Daddy Is In Heaven, we were inspired to film our actual wedding kiss. Two months later on March 17, 2017, we did just that, thanks to the help of our movie crew. Our sparkly moment will appear in the end credits of family, Christmas comedy movie, The Farmer and The Belle: Saving Santaland.

Miranda ~ What would you say is the great take-away for viewers of The Farmer and the Belle?

Jenn: Following the hilarious adventures of a paranoid supermodel and the farmer in the dell, we hope to entertain audiences with wholesome family values, opening hearts to receive the pearls of wisdom that are crafted throughout the story—that is, your value, worth, and identity are not based on your appearance, beauty or fame, but on the real love of God for you. We hope to create new family traditions for Thanksgiving and Christmas by pointing people toward finding real love through the miracle of the Nativity. Right now, Books, Gratitude Game, MOJO Bracelet, and Real Love Onesies are in the prototype phase. We are seeking partners who are inspired and passionate to come along with us. Anyone interested can email us at

Miranda ~ My Daddy Is In Heaven is a wonderful movie that has brought much comfort and hope to people, both children and adults alike. What, in particular about this story, drew you to it and inspired you to accept the character role of Rebecca Crownover?

Jenn: Let’s take a celebration moment for all who helped make/distribute the movie, My Daddy Is In Heaven… woot, woot!!! The team for distribution, Nasser Group/Cinedigm, our director, Waymon Boone, executive producers, Rebecca Crownover, Jack Nasser, Jacob Nasser, and Joseph Nasser. My Daddy Is In Heaven was produced by Durey Shevar, written by Waymon Boone, Joseph Nasser, and Noelle Nelson, and a thank you to the marketing company, Lovell-Fairchild; Catherine Binkley from Lovell-Fairchild has been working hands on with us and has done an A+ job.

Back to the question! This role really caught my eye, because, I found this niche in my acting career portraying real life people and sharing their redemptive stories, and bringing it to the big screen. Rebecca Crownover is a precious and courageous woman. I have fallen into deep adoration of how brave she is. What a gift! It was also magical to be on-screen with my husband, Jim E. Chandler. He plays the new love interest at the end of the movie. The eyes sparkle!

This powerful movie, a true story, is based on Rebecca Crownover (read Rebecca Crownover’s TBAP interview here), and is inspired by her award winning children’s book, My Daddy Is In Heaven With Jesus. It is an entertaining movie that provides a gateway for conversation to discuss grief and faith when we lose someone we love. There is so much comedy that keeps the movie entertaining. It’s a good watch.

Miranda ~ What would you say is the great take-away for viewers of My Daddy Is In Heaven movie?

Jenn: I think it’s said best through this powerful line written by the screenwriters, “You are on a journey. You’re gonna hurt a lot. You’re gonna learn a lot. But at the end of it, you’re gonna feel like a bottle of rain on a summer morning.” Jill Morrison plays June in the movie and performs this brilliantly. Goooo see it! It is everywhere. In Walmart, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, VUDU and On Demand via your cable provider.

Miranda ~ How did you prepare yourself for the role of Rebecca in this story? Did you do anything exceptional to train or harness any skills for this role?

Jenn: Connecting with the real life pain that Rebecca experienced was the motivating impulse that God used to move through the human condition, under the directing of Waymon. I truly felt a soul bond with Rebecca and wanted to honor her truth, her heart, and her soul on-screen, and at the same time engage and entertain the audience, while pointing them towards real life hope.

Miranda ~ As a professional, how do you, and, how would you advice others—especially those married like yourself—on how to handle romantic scenes in Christian or Christian-inspired films while on set?

Jenn: Boundaries. You and your loved one must identify what your boundaries are together as storytellers. When romance is required, Jim and I intentionally call, facetime or have the other on set to connect with each other and pray together. We know God has called us as storytellers and we seek after roles we can play together as love interests in the movies. We have a few coming out including the movie, Saving Faith, distributed by Lionsgate with appearances by Amy Grant, Vince Gil and Michael W. Smith.

Miranda ~ As it goes with screen/media reshaping culture and changing the world, what do you believe this story can do in the world today?

Jenn: My Daddy Is In Heaven can provide a gateway to church groups, to families, and to those searching for something to watch on Amazon (or other outlets) about “where do you go when you die?” This is an amazing story to help discuss real life pain, the bad choices that we make when we are hurting, and also, real life hope. We truly look forward to people’s lives being impacted by this dramatic and hilarious movie written and produced for family.

Miranda ~ How would you describe your personal ministry/calling? Yes, you are an actress. But what purpose do you believe this role in life fulfills for the Kingdom of Jesus?

Jenn: My calling, alongside my husband Jim, is to reach audiences worldwide through the characters we portray, exploring the depths of the human condition. Our goal is to point the viewer towards good entertainment, revelation, and hope that inspires and impacts audiences worldwide, and done with good storytelling through movies.

Miranda ~ Considering your journey so far in the Christian Film industry, how has your perspective changed? What difference would you like to see in the industry? What are you most grateful for—right now, in your ministry, and generally?

Jenn: The Faith-based market is growing. Art is becoming stronger through the cinematic lens, while the storylines are consistently developing. There is a need for wholesome, healthy entertainment. Stations like Hallmark have good-hearted movies that uplift the soul, just like Parables TV and Upliftv Network—so many options to watch wholesome stories that inspire.

Miranda ~ What advice would you offer a young woman who believes that she’s been called by God to become an actress?

Jenn: That is awesome. Pray and ask God to lead you to the right and proper education so you can study and learn the craft. There are many schools that are really wonderful like Joanne Baron / DW Brown Studios in Los Angeles and The New York Conservatory in NYC.

THIS or THAT (The Fun Qs!)

Coffee, Tea or Mocha? Coffee (Carmel Macchiato to be exact, with whip cream. Yum!)

Dresses or Pants? Dresses

Boots or Heels? Boots

Gym or Outdoor? Outdoor

Summer or Winter? Both!

Breakfast or Dinner? Dinner

Cooking or Cleaning? Cooking

Books or Music? Music

Juice or Smoothie? Juice

Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla

Fruit or Salad? Fruit

Scarf or Gloves? Scarf

Blazer or Leather Jacket? Leather Jacket

Thank you, Jenn, for visiting TBAP once again! Love you to pieces!!!!


About Jenn Gotzon Chandler

Jenn Gotzon Chandler is an actress and producer who has starred in over 15 inspirational and faith-based feature films including mystery-drama, Doonby, where she starred opposite John Schneider, Ernie Hudson, and Robert Davi, and also Ron Howard’s Frost/Nixon, a 2009 Academy Award-nominated film where she played U. S. President Richard Nixon’s daughter, Tricia Nixon, for which she gained her career break. She also starred in Alone Yet Not Alone, a 2014 Oscar-nominated inspirational feature film, and, inspirational drama, I Am Gabriel, and also, the first silent evangelical feature film, The Good Book; drama film, Out of Ashes (Alan Powell), Dante’s Hell Documented, where she portrayed the heroine, Beatrice, alongside Dante, the character portrayed by Eric Roberts. Recently, she starred in the highly acclaimed My Daddy Is In Heaven, based on the true-life story of National bestselling author, Rebecca Crownover, of which she was the main cast portraying Rebecca. Jenn is currently working on a project by her company alongside her husband, Jim E. Chandler, titled The Farmer And The Belle, to be released Thanksgiving 2018. Jenn was also featured in the 2014 award-winning music video, Walls by artist, Sean Guerrero, produced by Lamon Records.

Learn more about Jenn on her website and connect with her on facebook and other social media via @JennGOTZON.