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Album Review ~ Worthy Of It All By Jeremy Gibson




Contemporary Praise/Worship

Release Date

May 4, 2018.


4 Stars


Worthy Of It All breathes gentle power—the very nature of our loving Father! So there couldn’t be a more befitting way to worship God, especially when the atmosphere is filled with such humility that it inspires surrender in the heart of a listener. This is Jeremey Gibson’s unique way of worshipping God.

There’s a steady confidence that flows and soaks into the soul of a surrendered listener, so that the true power of worship is displayed in the abounding joy that overflows in the midst of worship.

It’s interesting to note how the conventional contemporary worship style does well in reminding the old believer of the good old days, while remaining thankful for the newness of the present.
The Worthy Of It All album, though titled after one of the tracks, is everything that the name evokes. God is good, faithful, mighty, and worthy of all our praise!

*Though I offer this review to the public, it is my opinion and simply that. My appreciation to Lance Brown, GM, DREAM Label Group, for a free copy in exchange for my honest opinion.


About Jeremy Gibson

Jeremy Gibson is a Worship Pastor, Singer-Songwriter, and Multi-Instrumentalists based out of Easton, PA. He is passionate about worshipping Christ with his whole life and discipling others to do so as well.  He writes mostly at the worn piano in his cozy town home to the sounds of his two little boys and wife playing about the house.

Jeremy has written and self-produced five albums, establishing a style that is both nostalgic and refreshingly progressive. He has been heavily influenced by not only the music, but the life of Rich Mullins. Through his music, Jeremy, like Mullins, offers an authentic view into the raw, broken areas of his heart in which a desperate desire for Christ is palpable. While his lyrical style ranges from winsome story telling to direct exegesis of scripture, his central aim is to represent Christ well.  Many of his songs are written for the purpose of corporate worship with the goal of edifying the church body and discipling church members to adopt a lifestyle of worshipping Christ.

For Jeremy, leading corporate worship is a normal part of life.  At the age of thirteen he began leading worship for various events in addition to leading weekly youth group services. He took his first official worship-leading position at eighteen and has continued in this calling to this day.  Equipping future generations to lead in Biblical worship is a firm conviction for Jeremy; he is currently investing in two interns through his current position.