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The world today is so much driven by outward beauty and performance that it has created a divide between two categories of people: those glorified by their looks and achievements, and those who aren’t. Sadly, a lot of folks in the first group hide behind physical looks and accolades to gain false security, and worse yet, declare themselves heroes in a manner that make the latter group appear inadequate, which ultimately, though subtly, but evidently, hints that the people in the second group are unwanted and unaccepted, as they’re unable to fit in with the “in-crowd.”

While this is to be expected of the world, on a sadder note, many Christians fall into this trap designed by the devil to remove focus from Jesus, Who has offered us His perfection in exchange for our sins. Instead, like the world, they let their focus be directed to idols that promise satisfaction that comes from “perfect” physique and “fabulous” lifestyle. The idea that simplicity and simple living is no longer enough have driven many children of God to stumble and fall, as they struggle to live up to the perfect image expected by the world. This is a danger that could come from not letting God’s truth permeate deep into our souls, so that we in turn can effectively take hold of what God has planned for us. The foundation upon which true living in Christ can be established, is the truth that our identity is found ONLY in Jesus. Nothing about this identity is forged from our looks, our achievements, or any work that we do.

What, then, is our identity?

We are God’s children. Period. YOU. ARE. A CHILD. OF GOD! We come from God, and are created through Christ Jesus to do good works prepared for us by God before He put us on this earth (See Ephesians 2:10). All that we do in life, and everything that we become within the will of God is drawn from that center. Your identity is not what you do (football player, waitress, music artist, pilot, pastor etc.), but rather, what you do and what you become when you follow His will is drawn from who you are as a child of God. Those good works that you do for God emanate from that place. You are a child of God on a mission and given a vision to fulfill, who will someday return to Him to give an account of those works that He asked you to do (see Matthew 25;14-30).

That being said (and as stated earlier), it goes without saying that identity can NEVER be found in looks or achievement. These things are only tools that we may use as platforms to do the work of God, pointing others to Jesus as the source of our strength and every blessing. Therefore, the culture of feeling worldly pity or some form of resentment toward those who don’t fit into the normal—people with any form of infirmity—stems from a pride and fear that is not from God. God and anyone who speaks as an oracle of God encourage the inclusion of all people.


Yes. Because God made us all 100% intact for what He designed us to do and accomplish on earth for His glory and kingdom. Get that? God’s version of 100% is not the world’s. The impaired may be looked upon as people to be pitied, but in God’s eyes, they are whole and complete, and in His hands and by His leading, they can be great instruments of positive change that can impact the world with hope, love, and faith. In God’s eyes they have been given every necessary gift to fulfill their destiny and they themselves are a gift to this world, especially to those around them. This may be hard to grasp, but God’s ways and thoughts are not like the human kind. No. God’s ways and His manner of thinking are higher than ours (see Isaiah 55:8-9), and that translates even into the way He creates and views people, so that where the world sees the impaired as “less normal”—people to be pitied, and sometimes even feared and discarded, God sees them as 100%.

When we understand that we’re spiritual beings living in a decaying body, and appreciate this on a daily basis, it changes the way we approach life and view people that are different from us. Impaired or not, we know that since we are spiritual beings, we’re on a spiritual mission, and we also worship our Father in heaven in spirit and in truth—Who Himself is Spirit. This is why we must remove focus from the external. Nothing about who we truly are is gotten from the external. What we need to accomplish the good works that God prepared us for, is His grace. His power. This is why Jesus instructed His disciples not to leave Jerusalem and begin the work of The Great Commission until the Holy Spirit, Who would grant them power, had come to them (See Acts 1:4-8). The physical wholeness of your body isn’t particularly the reason why you are able to accomplish the works that God has set before you. His power—grace—is. In like manner, the presence of any infirmity shouldn’t be the reason a person can’t fulfill their true destiny. Refusal to trust God’s Word concerning you is what will be your hindrance. God said something powerful about His Word—that it would never return to Him void, but will fulfill everything that He sent it out to accomplish (See Isaiah 55:10-13). That includes His Word and promise to you. No story in the Bible better illustrates this than the story of Samson, blinded by the Philistines, but because he repented and turned back to God, he destroyed more philistines in one day as a blind man than when he had his sight (see Judges 16).

Now that we’ve established that we are all designed 100% according to God’s plan, let us also bear in mind that everything we need to succeed, God has already given or will eventually give (See 2 Peter 1:2-4). Our paths may be different, and the journey of preparation harder for some, but the grace to overcome and live as more than conquerors is sufficient (see 2 Corinthians 8-9; Philippians 4:11-13; Romans 8:35-39; 1 John 4:4-6; John16:33). Any other teaching, reasoning, or opinion that suggests otherwise aims to discredit the faithfulness of God and the manifold extent of His power and wisdom to accomplish much in us and through us. In order to overcome the persuasion of the world, you must bring to submission to Jesus every rogue teaching, reasoning, and opinion (See 2 Corinthians 10:3-4). This way, you can do good works that will glorify your Father in heaven (Matthew 5:16)!

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