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Movie Review ~ Samson By Pureflix





Release Date

March 16, 2018.


4 Stars


Samson movie by Pureflix is a storyline particularly written to depict the life of the judge, Samson of Israel, with the purpose of drawing out the journey of a man which began from a place of self-imposed mediocrity to one of faith-based triumph. For the first time, Samson’s story is laid out in the manner that mirrors the faith which earned him a place in the “Hall of Faith,” as presented in the Book of Hebrews by the Apostle Paul of the early Christian Church.

A touching story of pain, loss, regret, and ultimately, salvation, with the Scriptural aim to instill hope in believers, the story of Samson in this movie reveals the boundless nature of God’s grace capable of reaching into the deepest pits of failure to redeem whomever God chooses to show mercy, while also displaying the ever manifold power of His wisdom that is able to restore any broken destiny to its fullest potential in the midst of the gravest of consequences—a gift still made available to His children to the extent that they would receive His grace and salvation, if they would place their faith and trust in Him.

A story of hope, grace, redemption, and destiny!

*Though I offer this review to the public, it is my opinion and simply that. No payment was offered for this review. It’s simply my honest opinion.

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