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Book Review ~ Uncharted Hope By Keely Brooke Keith

About The Book

Sophia Ashton’s new medical assistant job comes with the perks of living on the Colburn property, which include being surrounded by a loving family—something she’s never known. During the job’s trial period, a patient puts Sophia in a questionable position. Now she must prove her competence or lose her job and home.

Nicholas Vestal is working on a sheep farm to earn a starter flock, but before his contract is up, he inherits a house in the village. While fixing up the old house he pursues Sophia Ashton, believing she is the woman God wants him to marry. But when her difficult past blocks his plan, he must find a way to her heart.

Meanwhile, outside the Land…

When plant biologist Bailey Colburn is offered a research job, she knows Justin Mercer is playing her somehow. Working for the former naval flight officer sounds better than her other options in post-war Norfolk, even though Justin says he once met her long lost relatives. But when Justin introduces Bailey to the mysterious gray leaf tree, his unbelievable claims change her world.






4 Stars


The story of Sophia Ashton and Bailey Colburn—as well as a mention of our favorite old characters in the Uncharted Series—showcases a message of hope and positivity in a world where, though, each woman felt alone, they pressed on in their desire to better their life and the lives of those around them, leading each woman to a place of hope and satisfaction.

Sophia and Bailey are two worlds apart, but their journeys are not so different. They each work to overcome the odds slated against them with a resilience that doesn’t surrender. In the end, they are blessed with brighter hope in the way they are able to rise above their circumstances, and are further inspired to trust God because of it.

The softness and subtleness with which the theme is laid and planted in the heart of the reader as they traipse along with the characters, is itself an endearing element. This is how to write a story—passing your message across without brutally beating it into anyone. Keith has mastered the sophisticated art of handling plots, characters, and all the elements between sci-fi and frontier-style fiction—and garnished with romance!—with a finesse that allows her to delicately but sturdily fuse them all neatly to reveal a stunning display of literary bliss!

Another well done story by Keely Brooke Keith!

*Though I offer this review to the public, it is my opinion and simply that. My appreciation to the author, Keely Brooke Keith, for a free copy in exchange for my honest opinionthank you, Keely!

About Keely Brooke Keith

Keely Brooke Keith writes inspirational frontier-style fiction with a slight Sci-Fi twist, including The Land Uncharted (Shelf Unbound Notable Romance 2015) and Aboard Providence (2017 INSPY Awards Longlist). Keely also creates resources for writers such as The Writer’s Book Launch Guide and The Writer’s Character Journal.

Born in St. Joseph, Missouri, Keely grew up in a family that frequently relocated. By graduation, she lived in 8 states and attended 14 schools. When she isn’t writing, Keely enjoys playing bass guitar, preparing homeschool lessons, and collecting antique textbooks. Keely, her husband, and their daughter live on a hilltop south of Nashville, Tennessee.