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Album Review ~ Sweetness & Sorrow By Jonny Diaz





Release Date

June 8, 2018.


4.5 Stars


A baring of the soul, the truth of the gospel, a love song, an encouragement to a brother/sister—all these are entwined in the album’s whole to produce a revealing cascade of what Christian living is all about.

The thoughtful lyrics are clearly born from a place of soulful depth and is inescapably thought-provoking, so that you nod your head in acknowledgment of its truth as you meditate and enjoy the overall high quality music.

There couldn’t have been better words than “Sweetness” and “Sorrow” to merge together to describe the essence of this album—not that it denotes any form of tragedy, but that in the realness of life, though the two are mingled together, with Jesus in the center of it all, the overall outcome is blessed faith, increased love, and greater hope. You can’t miss these three in the music of Sweetness & Sorrow.