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Artist Scoop ~ Interview With Music Group, God’s Chosen

God’s Chosen is a special group of charming ladies that love God and are clearly passionately about His work on earth, particularly in the ministry of music/singing. Each woman is amazingly strong in her faith in a way that inspires the other members of the group, as well as people who’ve encountered them and/or their work. The passion in their voices—individually and collectively—is contagious, entertaining and courageous! They released their wonderful album, self-titled (read the TBAP review here) today, and in celebration of that, took the time to chat a bit with TBAP, letting the world have a little peek into their lives. Take a look!

Miranda ~ Hello! So good to have you on TBAP! Please tell us a bit about God’s Chosen. Also, how did you choose the name for your group?

GC: God’s Chosen consists of three ladies (Keisha, Sarah, and Zebrina). We are women who are deeply in love with God, committed to ministry, and die-hard fans of Gospel and Christian music. The name came about quite haphazardly. It was the first name someone suggested when we asked ourselves what we should be called. We can’t even remember who mentioned it first! But over time, it has truly become our desire to be God’s Chosen.

Miranda ~ How did the three of you meet, come together, and at what moment did you agree that each of you was a good fit for God’s Chosen Group, and then decide to go professional?

GC: It all started in high school. Our choir teacher, Mrs. Wilcock, would often group students together to sing in small ensembles for winter and spring concerts. After singing as a group for different school programs, she encouraged us to enter the gospel competition at Six Flags. We couldn’t see why not, and so we entered into the competition using the name, God’s Chosen, for the very first time. After winning first place, people began to invite us to sing at different events, and so we decided to keep singing!

Miranda ~ How do you write your songs? What inspires your lyrics, and, particularly, your style of music?

Sarah for GC: We all have different processes and different inspirations, but I remember when we first became a group, Zebrina started writing first, and in helping Keisha and I, she said she always started with prayer. She told us to pray for God to create the melody and write the lyrics. That way, we’re confident that our songs glorify Him.
We’ve recently gotten into the practice of writing songs as a group, and also collaboratively writing with other singers and musicians. Some of our most powerful songs like, Even In The Valley and We’re Ready, have been birthed out of us coming together to write.

Miranda ~ There’s a heart and passion in your voices that cannot be missed and is heard in your singing. For each of you, what fuels this passion—any stories in particular?

Sarah: What fuels my passion is thinking about what a privilege it is to be given the opportunity to even access God. When you consider how it’s nearly impossible to spend time or even meet celebrities because of their prestige, it’s a wonder that the Creator of the universe is interested and wants to spend time with me! What an honor!

Zebrina: God’s love for me fuels my passion. Just thinking about how much God had to love me to choose me out of billions of people to be one who would come to know Him, I get overjoyed. It makes me want to sing.

Keisha: I’m passionately fueled by the personal relationship I have with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I’m not just singing or saved because this is what I was taught growing up. I know Him for myself. I literally experienced God heal my broken heart, deliver me from depression, and I feel His presence daily. God is real! I’m just excited to tell the world about God, so that they, too, can experience His love.

Miranda ~ You titled your debut album, God’s Chosen. Though it appears it is self-titled, does it carry more than the name of the group, in order words, the literary meaning of the words, God’s Chosen? Why this album title?

GC: Yes, God’s Chosen is definitely more than an eponymous album. After studying the Minor Prophets, we realized the Children of Israel, who are considered God’s chosen people in the Old Testament, are very similar to the body of Christ today. We have the promises of God to stand on, but we still have so many doubts, fears, and insecurities. Our prayer is that songs like Redeemed, Love Lifted Me, and Grace Is Running, will remind the listener that God is for us and we are His people—not because of our works or pedigree, but because of His undying love for us all!

Miranda ~ Coming into the world of music, what do you bring with you? What message do you hope to pass across with your lives, your voice, your career?

GC: We bring the Word of God and the good news with us into this world of music. When we write songs, we always aim to contrive lyrics that are biblically sound and based on Scripture. We all grew up in Church, going to Sunday school and Bible study regularly, so God’s Word is dwelling richly in us all. Now, with the platform of music, God is not only giving us the grace to live out His Word and His promises, but to share our experiences with others as we do so.

Miranda ~ What path led you to DREAM Records? Describe that moment when it became official.

GC: Glyne Griffith, of G. Favored Entertainment, reached out to our management team, C-Note Entertainment, and made a proposal to help us distribute our album. At that time, we had recently released our sophomore album, 1&6. We thought about repackaging 1&6, but then we started getting new songs! The timing was so divine, we knew we had to pray regarding the direction of the album. Song by song, the Lord gave us God’s Chosen—an album that bridges the gap between Christian Contemporary and Gospel music.

Miranda ~ Who have been your greatest influences—musically and generally? Why these people in particular?

GC: Oh my, we have so many influences! Namely, Israel Houghton, Travis Greene, Kari Jobe, Jenn Johnson, Anthony Evans—basically any artist that combines passion and musicality! These, in particular, though, have broken barriers between the two genres we love, and managed to do so authentically.

Miranda ~ What are you most grateful for? Speak your heart!

Zebrina: I am most grateful for God’s protection. Three weeks ago, God woke me up at 2a.m. to realize that my bedding and mattress had caught on fire due to a problem with the electrical outlet. I am so grateful that He woke me up when He did because I could have died.

Sarah and Keisha: Ditto! We’re thankful for our best friend’s life!

Miranda ~ What message of hope, wisdom, and encouragement would you offer to a group of young women looking to come together as you have and sing professionally?

GC: The message of hope we’d give, is to just do it. Don’t wait for the perfect opportunity or the perfect time. Create a bond of trust among your group members, seek God, and sing! Doors will open. People will be blessed. And just as Scripture says, if you’re faithful over a few things, He’ll make you ruler over many.

This or That (The Fun Qs!)

Coffee or Tea?
Keisha: Tea
Zebrina: Definitely, tea.
Sarah: Herbal Tea!

Gym or Outdoor?
Keisha: Gym
Zebrina: Gym
Sarah: Outdoors

Heels or Boots?
Keisha: Heels
Zebrina: Tennis shoes
Sarah: Boots

Running or Walking?
Keisha: Walking
Zebrina: Walking
Sarah: Walking

Cereal or Fruit?
Keisha: Fruit
Zebrina: Fruit
Sarah: Fruit

Movies or Books?
Keisha: Movies
Zebrina: Movies
Sarah: Movies

Cleaning or Cooking?
Kiesha: Cooking
Zebrina: COOKING
Sarah: Cleaning

Summer or Spring?
Keisha: Spring
Zebrina: Spring
Sarah: Spring

Rain or Snow?
Keisha: Rain
Zebrina: Snow
Sarah: Snow

Blazer or Leather Jacket?
Keisha: Leather Jacket
Zebrina: Leather Jacket
Sarah: Blazer

Thank you for Sarah, Keisha, and Zebrina, for stopping by today!

About God’s Chosen

“Our self-titled album successfully intertwines the impassioned worship of Christian Contemporary music with the grit of Gospel music. Influenced by artists like Kari Jobe, Hillsong United, Tasha Cobbs Leonard, Lauren Daigle, Jenn Johnson, Israel Houghton, and Travis Greene, this album is filled with worship anthems and singable praise songs catering to both churches and individuals. We hope to bridge the gap between genres and provide a worship experience that truly reflects the fullness of God’s Kingdom.”