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Artist Scoop ~ Interview with Actress, Bethany Davenport

Bethany Davenport is one of the leading ladies in the movie, Summer of ’67, releasing today (read the TBAP review here), a story about love and war, and puts the spotlight on the loved ones left behind by the brave soldiers called up to fight for their country. Bethany plays the role of Kate, a role that puts her in a character role that displays a deeply emotional journey of love, romantically and for family, as well as a journey of trust in God. Kate, in real life, is active, fun and showcases her love for life as a triathlete and sling aerialist, of which the former helped her land a role in an upcoming movie! Kate took the time to chat with us on TBAP today. Take a look!

Miranda ~ Hello Bethany! Delighted to have you visit TBAP! Please tell us a bit about yourself.

Bethany: Thank you for having me! There’s not much to tell. I am married and I have two adorable kitties! I love to be active, but I also enjoy chill evenings at home watching TV or movies with my husband. And I love a good book!

Miranda ~ What led you to accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior? Is there a special story?

Bethany: I grew up in a Christian home, went to a Christian school all the way through my first few years of college, and went to Church. I accepted Jesus into my heart as a young girl and continued to renew my life to Him over the years; I think that is pretty typical growing up in a Christian family. Then when I became an adult, I really had to make the choice to make that faith truly my own or walk away. I chose to make it my own! And I continue to make that decision and live by my faith. I think the older I get, I understand more the importance of my faith and being like Christ.

Miranda ~ At what point did you realize you wanted to go into acting? Was it a decision to act just in the Christian Movie industry or are you looking to accept roles in the mainstream as well?

Bethany: I was in middle school when I first became interested in the film industry. I have always loved movies, but it was in middle school when I first became interested in how they were made and the people that brought characters to life. Before that, I was definitely just caught up in the magic of it all and never really thought about the crazy process required to bring a movie to the big screen. When I went into acting as a career, it was to pursue the types of roles that I wanted to do, Christian or not. And that is what I continue to do. I have been involved in both Christian and non-Christian projects, and I have enjoyed doing both. What is important to me is the character I portray, the overall story/message, and if it’s something I feel comfortable attaching my name and face to. The rest is up to Him.

Miranda ~ You’re a triathlete currently learning aerial sling. How do you conveniently combine all these with your acting? Does being a triathlete/sling aerialist play into your acting?

Bethany: I don’t think I necessarily combine them with acting. I think when you are pursuing a career that comes with a lot of rejection, it is good to have other things you like to do. I enjoy being active, and I always have. Triathlon is a hobby my husband and I picked up together about 2 years ago, and we really enjoy it! Sling is more of a creative artistic outlet for me. I had been interested in trying something in the circus arts, and aerial sling seemed like a good fit for me. I grew up doing gymnastics, and I was a diver in college, so this seemed like a fun way to continue to use those skills without the pounding gymnastics takes on your body. And I really love it! If I get to incorporate sling into a role someday, that would be awesome! And coincidentally, being a triathlete helped me land a role in an upcoming film! The character is a track runner, and triathlon has helped me build up a good base for training for that role. When I auditioned, I was in the middle of triathlon training which definitely helped me with my running audition!

Miranda ~ You starred in the pro-life short film, Bump, for which you’ve been nominated for best actress at the ICFF 2018 Award. Why did you accept this role? Is there a principle behind how you generally accept roles?

Bethany: Thank you! Yes, the nomination was totally unexpected and a huge honor. I absolutely loved my time on that set. That project really was something special to be a part of! I accepted the role of Kate in Bump, because I fell in love with the story the first time I read the script. I read it and thought, I can do this! I think I told my husband that at least once a day until I was cast. I just knew I had to be a part of it.
I don’t really have a principle or process behind accepting roles. I am at the point in my career where if I fit the specs of the character, I’m going to audition unless I am uncomfortable with the material. The more established I become as an actor, the choosier I get to be. I have been fortunate in that all of the roles I have been offered were roles I really wanted! The main question I ask myself with each role I accept is, “Is this something I want my name and face attached to for the rest of my life?” That really puts it into perspective for me and generally makes the decision fairly simple when I am offered an audition for a project.

Miranda ~ Summer of ’67 is a beautiful story of love and war. What in particular about it drew you to it and inspired you to accept a character role?

Bethany: I really liked the perspective it brought of following the women. A lot of movies that take place during wartime follow where the action is, but this one shows how the people at home are affected by the war, and I was drawn to that. Both my maternal and paternal grandfathers fought in World War II, so I can only imagine how my grandmothers felt when the ones they loved were overseas amidst all of that. I was so happy when I was offered the role of Kate, and I am still floored that Fred and Sharon chose me to tell her story.

Miranda ~ What would you say is the great take-away for viewers of Summer of ’67 movie?

Bethany: I think there are a lot of take-aways from the movie! Different people will connect with different characters and each one has their own journey. One of the great things about it is that it can appeal to lots of different people!

Miranda ~ In what way has your journey into the movie industry made your walk with God better?

Bethany: Everything in this industry is so uncertain. You audition all the time, and you book some of the time. With that kind of uncertainty, I have really learned to depend on God and trust that He has a plan for me in all of this. And if I have learned one thing in this crazy journey, it’s that His timing is perfect.

Miranda ~ What are you most grateful for right now, and about Summer of 67?

Bethany: I continue to be grateful for my husband. He was the one who convinced me to quit my full-time job and go after my dream. He has done all of my headshots for me. He films all of my auditions and usually reads for them too! I consult him when I am unsure about a role or project, and we talk things through together. He convinces me to go after roles that are a stretch for me. And he is honest when he thinks I can do better. I am so grateful for him and love him so much!

I will forever be grateful for Summer of ’67! It was my first feature film role! I never thought my first feature role would be as a lead. I am so glad Fred and Sharon entrusted me to tell Kate’s story. It also led to me becoming friends with Rachel Schrey, who plays my sister in the movie and has become like a sister to me in real life, too!

Miranda ~ What advice would you offer a person who wants to go into acting?

Bethany: This may sound bleak, but be ready for a lot of rejection. I’ve learned that a lot this year. I spend way more time auditioning than I do on set for jobs I’ve booked. But remember that auditioning IS acting! That’s part of the job. And don’t be afraid to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Some of my best auditions have been when I’ve done just that!

THIS or THAT (The Fun Qs!)

Coffee, Tea or Mocha? Coffee

Dresses or Pants? Pants, though I do love a good dress!

Boots or Heels? Boots. I avoid heels whenever possible.

Gym or Outdoor? Outdoors!

Summer or Winter? Summer (the cold and I aren’t friends…)

Breakfast or Dinner? Breakfast (and how about breakfast for dinner?)

Cooking or Cleaning? Probably cooking? I’m not a huge fan of either, but I should be better at both.

Books or Music? Why are you making me pick??? Ok…books! No, music! Dang it.

Juice or Smoothie? Smoothie all the way!

Chocolate or Vanilla? It depends…I really enjoy both!

Fruit or Salad? Probably, fruit.

Scarf or Gloves? Scarves! So cute!

Blazer or Leather Jacket? Leather jacket, though blazers do look pretty sharp!

About Bethany Davenport

Bethany Davenport is an actress that is living her childhood dream. She discovered her love for acting in middle school. Due to a shy personality and her parents’ concern about the practicality of this dream, she went to college and got an education degree instead. Soon after, she married her college sweetheart. Still not being able to let go of this secret aspiration, she told her husband about her acting dream, and he suggested she go for it. Bethany enrolled in acting classes, quit her full time job, and got an agent. Within a year of making this decision, she booked her first feature film role as a lead in Summer of ’67 (Mainstreet Productions) and hasn’t looked back. Bethany has been able to participate in several films, commercials, a TV show, music videos, and industrials. She is excited to see what is in store for the future! Her husband has been her biggest support in all of this, and her parents are her biggest fans.