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Article ~ Peace: Which Do You Choose—God’s Or The World’s?

According to the Livio English Dictionary, peace is a state of quiet and harmony, free of oppressive and unpleasant thoughts and emotions.

We, humans, all want peace, but we don’t often realize that there are two kinds of peace—temporary and permanent.

The temporary peace is one we gain from our environment—the outside world. It’s the kind we gain when we think we’ve gotten everything that we desire, and believe that everything around us is in place the way that it should be for us. The problem, however, is that this peace only lasts for a short while, leaving us insecure, scared, and unsure of what is to become of us when our environment changes into one that is less stable, desirable or pleasant.

The second, the permanent kind, we cannot give ourselves nor can we receive it from our environment and the outside world. It comes only from the Holy Spirit when we allow Him to come into our lives and stay inside us (in our hearts). Unlike the temporary peace that we gain because everything is supposedly balanced in our lives, the peace from the Holy Spirit remains within us regardless of the status of stability of our environment. It doesn’t go away after a while, but remains within us so long as our minds are governed by the Holy Spirit.


About This Guest Blogger

Christabel N. Uyeh is a recent graduate of high school. She resides with her family in Jos, Nigeria, and has taken up singing at her local church, as well as occasional writing (in her journal), which she sometimes shares with others as inspired by the Holy Spirit.

The article, Peace: Which Do You Choose—God’s Or The World’s, first appeared on To Be A Person (TBAP).