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Scoop ~ Interview with New Hope Oahu Worship Leader, Frederick Alcain

Frederick Alcain is the music director of New Hope Oahu’s music & worship team. New Hope Oahu Church has worked with DREAM Label in the past and have created excellent inspiring music under Frederick’s leadership. They’ve composed songs for some of Pureflix’s movies, including the latest release, God’s Not Dead: A Light In The Darkness (read the TBAP review of the album here). Frederick took the time to tell us a bit about himself, New Hope Oahu—their core values, routine, mission and vision. Take a look!

Miranda ~ Hello Frederick! It’s an honor to have you visit TBAP today. Please tell us a bit about yourself.

Frederick: Aloha, my name is Frederick Alcain, and I’m the Music Director at New Hope Oahu. I’ve been at New Hope for 21 years, volunteering on the worship team for 5 years before joining the staff.

Miranda ~ How did you find Jesus and, what led you to where you are now as the worship leader of New Hope Oahu?

Frederick: I had the blessing of being raised in a Christian home and began music ministry at the age of 5, playing the Ukulele for worship, as my grandmother was our church’s organist. I first came to New Hope as a hired musician for their first musical production put on in the community. Pastor Wayne Cordeiro then invited me to attend and possibly begin serving on the worship team. 5 years later he extended another invitation, this time to joining him on staff as Music Director.

Miranda ~ In what way would you say that the church affects the overall attitude of the worship team and, what led the church/team to decide to record and release music for public enjoyment and benefit, as opposed to just sticking to local praise/worship in the church?

Frederick: One of our New Hope’s Core Values is that, “We believe that a simple presentation of Jesus Christ in creative ways will impact and transform lives.” While our heart is for and committed to the local church, our heart for evangelism expands beyond our own walls and into the community. As the Holy Spirit led us to release music birthed from our church through DREAM Label Group, we do so with a heart to see people know the love of Jesus by creating music that engages and encourages a relationship with Jesus.

Miranda ~ In what way do you see New Hope Oahu—church and music team—affect the youths with and around you, positively? Personally, how do you view your role in all this and, what do you hope to see God accomplish in the lives of these youths, using NHO?

Frederick: NHO has a huge heart for our youth. Specifically, from a worship team and music ministry perspective, we are quick to identify and train emerging leaders who are fully committed to Christ, and who will reach their generation with the Gospel. Our heart is to be deliberate in mixing seasoned wisdom and youthful exuberance in a single team for ongoing momentum.

Miranda ~ NHO has been called upon by DREAM Label/Pureflix to help create soundtrack for some of Pureflix’s movies. What events led to this for NHO and, what do you hope the NHO music team will accomplish in the movie industry?

Frederick: Our partnership with DREAM began in 2013, with DREAM Founder and President, Dave Hanley, reaching out to New Hope to be a ministry covering for DREAM and all its efforts. Since then, we’ve been blessed to partner with DREAM’s amazing staff to write and release songs for a number of Pureflix movies, including The Case for Christ, and most recently God’s Not Dead: A Light in the Darkness. Our heart is to write and produce God-honoring, Biblical-sounding, and technically excellent music.

Miranda ~ Let’s talk about NHO’s song, Yours Forever, for Pureflix’s God’s Not Dead: A Light In The Darkness, which was released this March. What part of the story inspired this song, and what was the songwriting process like?

Frederick: Yours Forever was originally written for our 2nd Album, Victorious. When the
opportunity to provide music inspired by the God’s Not Dead movie came about, we revisited the song, as it fit well with the overall theme and heart for the movie.

Miranda ~ What do you hope the viewers of the movie and the listeners of Yours Forever will walk away with?

Frederick: Our hope is Yours Forever will be a commitment from our heart to God’s that,
regardless of the situation, His faithfulness and love will never change.

Miranda ~ How would you describe the general songwriting process for New Hope Oahu music team—what is the underlying principle in choosing your lyrics? Where does NHO draw their inspiration from and, when do you know that a song is finished?

Frederick: NHO Music exists to be a collaborative musical expression of what God is doing at New Hope Oahu. Our mission is to present the Gospel to Christians and non-Christians alike with simplicity and excellence. With the Holy Spirit’s direction, we will redeem music for the glory of God and present the Gospel in relevant ways that will reach the heart. If a song meets all these efforts, then we’re confident we’ve done our part, and God is faithful to do the rest.

Miranda ~ How does NHO stay focused and grounded in their core message in the midst of so many other great church music teams out there, and with new groups springing up more than ever before?

Frederick: God has called us to be New Hope Oahu, just one of many wonderful expression
of worship here in Hawaii, the nation, and beyond. We stand firm that if we steward what God has blessed us with, His faithfulness can do the rest. We believe that our music shouldn’t resonate with what’s cool; it should resonate with what the Holy Spirit is doing.

Miranda ~ What would you say is the motto of NHO and, what is the most important thing that NHO, as a music group, is grateful for right now?

Frederick: A motto to best describe NHO Music currently as well as what we are grateful for, is a saying coined by Pastor Justin Smith, “A posture of praise rights our perspective.” We praise Jesus because He is worthy—building our bank account with gratefulness to bankrupt any tendencies to grumble.

This or That (The Fun Qs!)

Coffee or Tea? Pomegranate Blueberry Iced Tea from coffee bean & tea leaf!
Gym or Outdoor? Outdoor
Sneakers or Boots? Sneakers
Running or Walking? Walking
Cereal or Fruit? Fruit
Movies or Books? Movies based on Books
TV or Magazine? TV
Summer or Spring? I’m in Hawaii so it’s always summer!
Rain or Snow? Again, Hawaii so snow would be awesome!
Blazer or Leather Jacket? One more time, Hawaii so neither!

About Frederick Alcain

Fred Alcain is the Music Director at New Hope Oahu, overseeing the 100+ member team of musicians and singers. Fred holds Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Music Education and Hawaiian Studies from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and has a Professional Degree in Percussion from the Los Angeles Music Academy. Prior to New Hope, he was the Elementary Music Teacher at Trinity Christian School. Fred is marred to Jana Alcain, New Hope Oahu Vocal Director, and has 2 beautiful girls (culled from