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Album Review ~ The Outcome By The Church Vessel




Contemporary Rock/Praise/Worship

Release Date

September 21, 2018.


5 Stars


The Outcome begins joyfully, inspiring a heart of worship and dance to God. The lyrics don’t hold back, reminding the believer of Who God is—His faithfulness and goodness! The instrumentals collide with the lyrics to create magnificent music of praise to the one true God. The Outcome album promises an indisputable message of faith, hope, and love—the kind that is joyous and unshakable—because it is found alone in God.

The Outcome song (#3 & #4) summarizes the entire theme of the album beautifully. A powerful song of worship and victory that presents dauntless faith, fiery hope, and courageous love for God and people that preaches the truth and power of God’s glorious splendor, which overcomes the darkness and breaks every chain and sets free. In it is a message of the pathway to healing for every kind of brokenness, stronghold, and bondage through worship.

The Outcome album is good music to soak your soul in as you pray, worship, work, go through the day, and can even be played softly as you sleep.

*Though I offer this review to the public, it is my opinion and simply that. My appreciation to DREAM Label Group for supplying me with a free download link in exchange for my host opinion.

About the Church Vessel

The Church Vessel is a worship project that emerged from the passion and desperation of a local worship team. The heart of Vessel Worship is to see a continuous overflow of the presence of God touch, change, save, heal, rescue, and restore lives all over the globe. By pursuing and pressing into the depths of God’s love, we are able to see empty vessels being filled with purpose, hope, and a desire to worship. The Church Vessel is currently signed to Dream Records with one studio album and one live album. TCV was inspired and raised up by The Church International, located in Baton Rouge, LA.