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Album Review ~ Hiding Place By Tori Kelly




Gospel R&B/Pop/Soul

Release Date

September 14, 2018.


5 Stars


Tori Kelly’s Hiding Place is rich with soul, vulnerability and truth. Her heart, lyrics and voice touch to the deepest parts, whether she’s hitting the highest notes or riding the lowest pitches. Clearly intentional and delicate about her theme, it is obvious Kelly aimed to inspire faith, hope, and love for the darkest of times with her story, as she boldly tells about the goodness and faithfulness of God in leading her through her toughest times and supplying her joy, strength, and love for God, herself, and others when she needed it the most.

Kelly may have aimed to bless and inspire, but it’s simply impossible not to be entertained by Hiding Place, as each unique song touches on something that resonates on a personal level with most living souls.

*Though I offer this review to the public, it is my opinion and simply that. My gratitude to Propeller Consulting, LLC for a free CD copy in exchange for my honest opinion.