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Album Review ~ Daydreamer By Matthew Parker





Release Date

October 26, 2018.


4.5 Stars


Matthew Parker’s Daydreamer opens with the eclectic Alice, an invitation to a musical journey inspired by a heart rich with much to say about life, which is the undertone expressed throughout the album in a myriad of ways. The beauty of Daydreamer album—as showcased by the song, also, by which the album is titled—is that it highlights the truth that Christians, like everyone else, live in a world where each individual is exposed to multiple experiences that come together to build the individual into the person that they are—love, dreams, friendship, mistakes, faith, hope, heartbreak, sorrow etc. And in the midst of the lyrics and the music, is a signature blend which brings to the music scene a quintessential pop quality unique to Parker and Parker alone. Parker hits his notes with such beautiful melodious ease and impressive skill that it is nothing short of outstanding.

Daydreamer is an album that invites the listener to experience the highs and lows while maintaining faith and a positive outlook on life!

*Though I offer this review to the public, it is my opinion and simply that. My appreciation to DREAM Label Group for a free copy in exchange for my honest opinion. 

About Matthew Parker

Matthew Parker grew up in the mitten-shaped state of Michigan, USA. He wasn’t especially interested in music as a kid, but at about age 12, after learning to play guitar and fiddling around with making weird synthesizer sounds in Garageband, Matthew found a love for creating creative, catchy tunes with electronic and organic sounds and it looks like he’s never going to stop. After releasing 2 well-received albums and getting one #2 and two #3 hit singles on the Billboard CHR Radio Chart, Matthew is gearing up to release his third album with DREAM and is incredibly excited for the world to hear his newest tunes.

About the album, Matthew Parker says, “I’m beyond excited for this new album because I’ve been working on it for 2 years ever since my last album, Adventure, came out, and I’ve put my WHOLE mind and soul into this. It’s been amazing to see how much I’ve grown as a songwriter and producer, and I’m so excited to show the world the new sounds I’ve come up with. I’ve taken risks on some of the songs, especially in departing somewhat from the pure EDM vibes I’ve somewhat been known for, with more of the songs on this record being more on the Pop side, with electronic influences. I can’t wait to see what happens with it. I know this is going to be the “adventure” I’ve been “daydreaming” about for a while. Keep your eyes open for my upcoming album, Daydreamer.”